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Regional tech school discussions underway in Maryland

Early discussions about a possible new regional engineering technology high school are under way. The school would pool resources from five counties to better prepare students for careers in manufacturing and engineering, while making the region’s workforce more attractive to potential businesses.

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Students explore space with satellite photography

In November, middle school students from around the globe had the chance to take photos of Earth from the International Space Station. Sally Ride EarthKAM is a program meant to spark student interest in STEM subjects through photographing the earth from space.

Safety at high speed in schools

Whether students are accessing digital resources at home or school, they are leaving a trail of data, making privacy another top concern in 2015. Policymakers, parents, school board members and state legislators are asking questions about what data is being collected as teachers and students use online apps with increasing frequency.

New Jersey school district launches mobile app

The Deptford school district released a mobile application, available at no cost for iPhone and Android phones, that lets parents choose which schools they want updates from and sends out push notifications for districtwide announcements.

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Blended courses becoming norm in central Wisconsin schools

Although only a select number of blended learning courses are available in the central Wisconsin school districts, they are starting to become more popular as school administrators begin to recognize the benefits these courses can reap for students and teachers.

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PARCC's grading system confusing to students

A group of teachers from Rio Rancho High School believes Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), a new standardized test being administered by the state this spring, will confuse and frustrate students because of its complicated grading system and even more complicated electronic testing procedure.

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What happens when kids don't have internet at home?

In Kent, Wash., about 9 percent of students can’t access the Internet once they go home. The district has installed Wi-Fi hotspot kiosks at community centers in public housing to enable its poorest students to get online. But these efforts have been fraught with difficulties, showing how hard it may be for other districts to close the digital divide.

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Pa. district schools get grant to improve technology-based learning

Bald Eagle Area School District received a $244,847 grant through the state Department of Education that is going toward tech-based products to improve the district’s STEM program, including a language arts component as part of the district’s Reading Wonders program.

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Umatilla district partnership helps spur statewide tech offerings for residents

The Oregon district is providing online technology courses for students on the subjects of coding, web design, application design and more. Partially inspired by the program's success, the state is offering the courses for free to residents.

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Seeking coders, tech titans turn to schools

The $30 million campaign to promote computer science education, financed by the tech industry, has been a success. So many students opened up a free coding tutorial that the host website crashed. But the campaign has also stirred unease about the growing influence of corporations in public schools and the motives of tech companies.

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