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New Jersey school's plan to report lunch delinquents is wrong

Despite massive federal subsidies, cafeteria managers still depend on parents to pay their children's lunch tabs to help pay for increased food and labor costs. A New Jersey has taken reminders to parents too far. Under a new policy, they may be reported to the state Department of Children and Families if they ignore repeated warnings to pay their child's overdue lunch account.

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Rethinking the SAT

What is often overlooked when considering SAT and ACT scores for college admission are the factors outside a student’s control that have an effect on their score—such as socioeconomic status—and therefore disadvantage them when applying for universities.

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School surveillance systems are destroying student security

Security cameras are a clear demonstration that schools have failed to uphold the safe learning environment they pledged to incorporate, relying on constant surveillance of all students, destroying the atmosphere of comfort with their ominous presence. These monitoring systems should not be implemented into schools.

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Middle-class families need more public preschools

While Chicago Public Schools is making inroads into offering more preschool options to families that are less economically fortunate, middle-class families are offered only a tuition-based option that costs almost as much as the tuition at an in-state university.

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Florida fails its own school districts

The well-justified howl from the Florida district superintendents follows years of mounting frustration with a flawed testing and grading system that unfairly affects schools and students, and the refusal of Florida Department of Education leaders to acknowledge the damage.

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Everyone deserves to walk during high school graduation

A school district's expectations should be accompanied with elevated degrees of compassion toward students, too. It’s unfortunate the Duval County School Board is considering a proposal that would prevent students who finish high school with certificates of completion — instead of diplomas — from being able to walk across the stage during graduation ceremonies.

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School dress codes have a serious sexism problem

School leaders are no doubt right to exercise discretion in interpreting dress codes. But it seems the controversies that ensue when school leaders wage war on something like yoga pants is precisely the distraction they seek to avoid. By trying to remove sexuality from school outfits, schools have only succeeded in making it all about sex.

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When schools overlook introverts

As the focus on group work and collaboration increases, classrooms are neglecting the needs of students who work better in quiet settings.

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Should charter school surplus funds be capped?

Charter schools across New Jersey are accumulating substantial savings even as traditional public schools are forced to make cuts, according to a new analysis by the Education Law Center. Charter school budgets for 2013-14 collectively carried $87 million in surplus fund balance.

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Young creatives not good for art education

We understood that it was beyond the scope and mission of these organizations to provide sequential, curricular arts education to the children of Lansing, and that agreeing to consider this move would effectively relieve the District of its responsibility to provide instruction.

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