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Abolish school districts, equalize education

What if we were to abolish all school districts and not force public school students to attend a school based on geographic proximity? The good schools would do what every business facing an increase in demand does: expand. The state's resources, along with bond issues, could be allocated to the high-demand schools.

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Idaho needs to close education gap Hispanic students face

Idaho should make dual-credit high school programs and community service opportunities more widely available to rural Hispanic students. Solutions don’t need to be dollar-intensive. What’s needed is to find innovative ways to more meaningfully engage parents, community members and local businesses in students’ learning.

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Finish work on grading teachers

Michigan continues to lag the nation in the performance of its students. The Legislature has worked on developing a strong teacher evaluation program for four years, and now it should finish the task.

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Does the grit narrative blame students for school’s shortcomings?

The current education system doesn’t give students a clear reason to be persistent. On the traditional A-F grading scale, kids move on to the next subject whether they’ve learned all the information or not. A better idea is to tap into kids' passions and help students develop grit around the things that really matter to them.

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How much should school chief recovery officers be paid?

Given the workload and headaches that come along with being a chief recovery officer for a struggling school district, there must be some reasonable compensation. But if the officer is put in place to right a district's financial ship, shouldn't that compensation be pretty frugal?

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School system, NAACP must work together to build diversity

Opinions vary on whether or not the Cleveland County School system is doing enough to bring in minority applicants to fill its leadership and teaching vacancies. The effort to improve minority hiring in schools should be a grassroots effort by the school district, NAACP, the community and the state legislature.

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Drive to depoliticize Pennsylvania's school funds

This year, a move to take politics out of the process that drives billions of dollars in state aid to public schools is injecting another level of intrigue as Gov. Tom Wolf seems determined to give schools their biggest-ever one-year increase while an education funding commission is charged with producing an objective formula to distribute the aid.

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ACT QualityCore test should not be used for grading Alabama schools

The primary purpose of using ACT QualityCore exams is to show the readiness of Alabama students for college success. The tests were not developed by teachers who could assure instruction and feedback was provided to all students. To use such tests for grading in order to leverage student performance for the sake of a school accountability judgment is not defensible.

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N.C. legislation on school bus safety deserves a fair hearing

A new bill which would require local school systems to provide bus-safety training for students twice a year deserves more attention and support than it has received thus far. The bill would also require a study on how to increase safety for children getting on and off school buses.

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Expand Detroit's revitalization with strong public schools

Detroit Public Schools are struggling academically and are struggling with crushing debt. Less than 10% of high school students are proficient in the vital subjects of math and science, and more than two-thirds are not proficient in the fundamental building block of reading.

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