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The economic importance of teaching coding to teens

There would be more people to fill growing numbers of IT jobs if there were more computer-science graduates, and there’d be more graduates if more people could start the subject in high school. And yet it’s difficult to find a high-quality computer science class in American high schools, let alone a programming one.

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Time for a moratorium on charter schools until Idaho imbalance is fixed

It’s time we fully recognize that regular public schools are shouldering the heavy burden of educating special education, minority and low-income student populations. And it’s past time that funding for Idaho charter schools be withheld until they can demonstrate they are following the law.

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High school recruits in all sports deserve better publicity

Despite the fact that some people are put off by the significant attention paid to recruiting, sports play a large role in American culture. A high school athlete getting recruited to play at any level of college is at least newsworthy to the alumni and local community.

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How many degrees do you need to teach middle school?

A successful career does not a great teacher make, and it’s reasonable to require professional development work for those without traditional college qualifications. But rather than ruling them categorically unqualified, if they can’t cut it as teachers, allow them to be fired, as would happen in any other profession.

Teacher-pay issue hinges on source of funds in state of Washington

The state’s Supreme Court justices said the state doesn’t give districts enough funding to cover the true cost of a basic public education. This includes teacher salaries, which are now funded about 80 percent by the state and 20 percent from local levy funds. This had led to a disparity in teacher wages across the state.

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Let homeschooled kids play public school sports

If homeschooling parents are paying taxes for the school system in which they live, they should be allowed to have their kids take part in any extracurricular program. The only catch is whether private school students should then also be able to participate in public school extracurricular sports too.

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What the future economy means for how kids learn today

If we want to re-engage learners, re-professionalize teachers, and re-think how we prepare students for a globally competitive working life, we need to follow the learners, and develop more open learning systems — ones that are outward-facing, highly collaborative, co-created and purpose-driven.

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U.S. schools not producing civic-savvy adults

If American schools did a better job teaching about history and government, students likely would grow up to be more engaged, voting adults. Kids today wouldn't buy a cell phone without knowing how it works, yet schools graduate young people without a grounded understanding of how their own democratic institutions operate best.

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Montana Legislature’s biggest interim assignment

The members of the School Funding Interim Commission should reflect the diversity of the state and its public schools. Its one guiding principle should be to simplify by making funding formulas easier to understand would increase transparency and confidence.

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Mandates drain resources from schools

Massachusetts' superintendents want lawmakers to comb through all the edicts and mandates that they've passed down to schools, and begin to streamline them. Get rid of repetition and time-wasters, and give them back the time and money that they need to do their jobs.

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