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Metal detectors in schools: Source of safety or anxiety?

In America, black students are five times more likely than their white peers to have to walk through metal detectors into school, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Hispanic students are more than twice as likely.

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Sexy clothing doesn’t belong in school

The skin-tight, low-cut clothes worn by some students in schools can disrupt the educational atmosphere for both girls and boys. School teachers are the people held accountable for educating tomorrow’s productive workforce and engaged citizenry. Stop giving them yet another impediment to reaching this goal.

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Philadelphia school plan spreads pain

The state government needs to resolve teachers’ health care benefits through a statewide plan covering all 500 public school districts. Taking benefit disputes off the table with a plan mandating teacher contributions and a wide array of benefit options would save money and minimize funding disparities among districts.

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LGBT kids of color are more likely to be disciplined in school, study shows

Two issue briefs released this week demonstrate how issues surrounding school discipline uniquely impact LGBTQ and gender non-conforming youth of color. They face persistent and frequent harassment and bias-based bullying from peers and school staff as well as increased surveillance and policing, according to the Crossroads Collaborative/Gay Straight Alliance Network study.

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Stop warehousing students in content-free 'classes'

The primary duty of schools is to teach. Yet at high schools throughout California, students are assigned to “classes” with no instruction, in which they're warehoused, assigned chores or even sent home for a period or two. The latter is, in effect, school-sanctioned truancy.

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Statewide incident standard is necessary for Pennsylvania schools

District-by-district reporting procedures are not uniform, due to the use of different student information systems. An incident at one school which mandates police involvement may not even require parental notification in another district. When allocating millions of dollars to cashed-strapped districts, a useful and uniform incident policy should be followed.

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Among school athletes, concussions shouldn’t be kept sideline secret

Be smart about concussions. These days, a likely scenario is that a player will not report an injury or mask its severity, upholding a “team first” mentality. Young players need to drop those delusions.

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Let history tell its own story

Studying the full scope of the nation's past in its many facets helps students understand the time, struggle and conflicting interests that shaped the young republic. All those who appreciate the complexity of history should continue their efforts to include as many viewpoints. Surely that is better than a course that sugarcoats controversy and protest and stresses patriotic platitudes.

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Louisiana education politics tied up in court

In Louisiana’s fierce education debates, policies sometimes are getting shaped more by what occurs in the courtroom than in the classroom. More than a half-dozen pending lawsuits involve disputes over classroom standards, education financing and decision-making authority in local school districts. The most recent was filed last week, challenging $60 million in charter school funding.

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The search for the best 'college-prep' public high schools should be easier

As concern grows over the low number of black and Latino students at New York City’s specialized high schools, debate rages over the longstanding policy of a single test determining entry into these elite schools. Under the current system, it's hard for parents to determine schools where their children meet the grade and test score requirements.

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