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Report shows gap between educational aspirations and preparation for Hispanic students

Although 83 percent of Hispanic students aspire to earn a postsecondary degree, just under a fourth are academically prepared to reach that goal, according to the new "The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2013: Hispanic Students" report released by ACT and Excelencia in Education.

Coping with crisis in Oregon schools with mental health interventionists

The Medford School District's efforts to reach out to troubled students in middle and high school is a much-needed response to a growing problem. Given the rapidly rising number of people under 18 receiving mental health services in general, the Oregon Legislature should take a hard look next year at increasing funding for adolescent mental health treatment statewide.

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Poll finds adults prefer local decisions on school lunch nutrition

According to a new Rasmussen Poll, 25 percent of adults surveyed said the federal government should set nutritional standards for schools, up from 18 percent last August. The poll found that 51 percent believe standards should be set by parent teacher groups or by local governments, and 15 percent said they should be set by state governments.

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Public schools' next challenge: market themselves to attract students

Thanks to education reform and technology, K12 students and their families now have more options for how/where/when they receive their education. Students are leaving traditional public schools for perceived greener pastures, including online, charter or private schools. Now districts have a new challenge: how to market themselves to attract students to attend their schools.

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Oregon school shooting: deadly violence in schools still rare, statistics show

The reality is that although school shootings have permeated the national consciousness in recent years, deadly violence in schools is rare, data show. Of the 563,000 students in Oregon schools, 17 were disciplined for having rifles, shotguns or handguns in their possession in 2012-2013.

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"Cool" kids in middle school struggle in their 20s, study finds

Scientists tracked nearly 200 13-years-olds in the Southeastern United States for 10 years, gauging how much they valued their popularity, how important appearance was in seeking out friends and if they used drugs or had romantic relationships. In the newly published study, the average “cool” teen in high school, by age 22, had a 45% greater rate of problems due to substance use.

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School lunch debate: What's at stake?

GOP leaders and the School Nutrition Association say the upcoming food requirements are unworkable, placing an undue burden on schools. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack claims that, overall, school food revenues around the country are up by about $200 million dollars since the changes took effect. His advice for schools that are struggling: instead of asking to opt-out, ask for help.

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Students win, tenure loses

A judge in California just sent shock waves across America's public education system, declaring tenure laws unconstitutional. The message is loud and clear: Students, we've got your back. This judge acknowledges how powerful teachers are and describes the power they truly have to make a difference.

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States that already spent less on education have made bigger school cuts

Public schools have struggled during the long, slow economic recovery. Although urban districts have been hit particularly hard, there is a tremendous variation by state. What turns out to make a difference is actual spending levels. States that spend less per-student have made significantly bigger cuts (on a percentage basis) than states that spend more.

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Giving school nurses access to medical records improves care

School nurses administer vaccines and medications and help diabetic students monitor their blood sugar, among many other things. The nurses don't always have the most up-to-date information about the students' health. Schools and health care systems are trying to bridge that gap to give school health professionals access to students' electronic health records.

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