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Why criminalizing bullying is the wrong approach

The calls for criminalizing bullying have grown stronger in recent years. With the continued sensationalization of bullying-related suicides and homicides in the media, of course we want to blame and punish someone. We cannot solve bullying by punishing it away; we must work instead to restore relationships and environments, change attitudes and behaviors and heal those harmed.

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New Mass. teachers union chief is unapologetically adversarial

A self-described social justice activist from the liberal college town of Northampton, Barbara​ Madeloni was until recently a complete unknown in political circles. But her upset election last month has  jolted lawmakers and officials worried about the dawn of a more adversarial relationship with the state’s largest union.

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California school districts must seize opportunity of local control

By July 1, school districts throughout California will be submitting not only a budget but also their Local Control Accountability Plan to their county offices of education for approval. This is the first time for such a requirement and represents a monumental change in the way California funds and monitors the work of local school districts.

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School salad bars increase meal participation, study finds

More kids eat school meals when salad bars are added, according to an evaluation by the “Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools” program that provides free salad bars to schools. The evaluation found that 57 percent of schools reported an increase in meal participation while 27 percent of schools reported an increase in labor hours after the addition of the salad bars.

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Survey paints bleak picture of Pennsylvania school funding

A survey on the financial health of Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts found that one in seven planned to furlough teachers next year — on top of 23,000 teachers and staff already furloughed between 2010 and 2012. Many districts also planned to cut academic programs and extracurricular programs, including sports.

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Should teachers stop fighting for tenure?

One of the most contested points of teacher contracts is the issue of tenure. As a piece of the larger teacher contract puzzle, tenure has been an important stand in the education industry's history. Based on the contemporary K12 landscape and trying to truly reform K12 learning, should teachers stop fighting the tenure battle?

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For top teachers, hire early

Research conducted for Tennessee's Shelby County Schools found that 60 percent of teachers hired March through May 2013 were rated in the top two evaluation categories while June and July hires were more likely to leave the district within one year. Children lose out when districts have to wait later to hire new teachers, missing the best teacher talent.

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Let Common Core continue as planned for Louisiana schools

In response to concerns about implementation of Common Core, the state has delayed the accountability provisions for students, teachers and schools. But it is important to stick with the new standards and the test developed by the Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, which Louisiana educators have helped create.

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Should teen pregnancy be highlighted in yearbooks?

Some teens will become parents. While schools certainly don’t promote parenthood at such a young age, yearbooks that feature photos of babies along with sports, honor rolls and clubs seem to condone teen pregnancy as just another part of high school life.

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Good idea returns — walk to school

The idea of "the walking school bus” is that, under parental supervision, pupils within reasonable walking distance to their elementary school walk as a group, starting at the most distant house. The idea makes all kinds of sense; it gives students much needed exercise, saves on the cost of operating real school buses and involves parents and neighborhood.

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