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Proposed funding law fails to solve underlying school inequality

Illinois needs to repair how it pays for public education. District-by-district funding reflects local property taxes. Richer districts naturally get more money back. It’s basic inequity for poor families, and the sort of systematic imbalance that often energizes federal courts to impose their own remedies.

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Public school parents now divided on common core

Parents of U.S. public school students in grades K12 are about evenly divided over the Common Core State Standards. The data suggest that an increase in awareness has led to an increase in negativity, given the seven-percentage-point increase in those viewing the standards negatively.

School should also be about learning through play

In many cities in the United States, poor children live in housing areas where drug deals, street crime, and gang violence make it too dangerous for caring parents to allow their kids to go outside to play. It makes more sense to add opportunities for children to play during the school day, not obliterate them by getting rid of sports.

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Who will be the next school shooter?

There are many teens in U.S. suburban high schools who fit the profiles of the most recent school shooter and the teens who flew to join ISIS. Teens in urban schools, dealing with more real-life and day-to-day survival issues, have been less likely to be school shooters or jihadists.

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A new superintendent won't cure all that ails LAUSD

With John Deasy no longer in charge at the Los Angeles Unified School District, the school board needs a new superintendent who shares his passion for improving the lives of children in poverty, but not his adversarial approach or his refusal to listen to critics.

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The economic impact of school suspensions

A recent report found that African-American girls were suspended at much higher rates than their white peers, a phenomenon that leads to lower earnings and educational attainment in the long run.

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Police intervention replacing traditional discipline in schools

Thanks to a recent investigation, we are learning that more students are coming into serious encounters with the law at school. And too often it leads to jail, being marked as a lawbreaker, denied entrance to college or a life-long branding as a troublemaker.

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Do Palm Beach County schools have a bullying problem?

School officials say it may be due to strong reporting here. They have been recognized for meeting the state’s anti-bullying law, the “Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act,” and a big part of that law requires reporting and communicating about bullying incidents.

Perhaps. But it’s still a big number.

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What happens when students control their own education?

When a New Hampshire district found itself struggling with low test scores and high turnover, it made a radical decision: Flip the traditional model and let kids take over the classrooms.

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Concealed handguns beneficial to campus safety

There is no doubt an element of mental illness is involved with each school shooting. However, “gun-free” zones serve as magnets to these shooters. We can better prepare ourselves for and defend against these mass shootings by eliminating “gun-free” zones and educating ourselves about handgun safety.

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