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Class stlll in: Why a longer school year may not help in Detroit

With most students learning several years behind grade level, administrators say extra time is desperately needed –– and not only for academics. One high school is using its additional daily minutes to help meet students’ social and emotional needs.

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Making out-of-school programs a priority helps everyone

How do we reverse the most negative trends facing young people today? One way is by recognizing the importance of out-of-school time. The out-of-school environment -- after school and summer -- plays an essential, yet often overlooked role in transforming kids’ lives and America’s future

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Are tenured teachers to blame for failing schools?

A pair of lawsuits in New York accuse the state's teacher tenure guidelines of giving low-income and minority kids a subpar education. Those challenging the state only have one goal in mind: ensuring that all of our public school children have good teachers.

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Less visibility for charter schools is unwise

Keeping records public results in accountability. It prevents favoritism or discrimination. Charter schools are a special form of public school. All forms of public schools need to conduct business in full view of taxpayers. Management companies that insist on privacy should run private schools.

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Minnesota’s law on school fees needs updating

Actions by STRIDE Academy and the Sauk Rapids-Rice school board this month are highlighting the need for more clarity — and fiscal reality — when it comes to Minnesota’s Public School Fee Law.

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All charter school salaries need to be disclosed

The SB 793 Charter School Modifications bill stipulates the salaries of charter school teachers and members of a charter schools’ non-profit boards of directors are subject to public disclosure, but not those employed by for-profit management companies, even though they are paid with public funds. The correct thing to do if a North Carolina school is run with public money is to require all salaries to be disclosed.

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A role for community science clubs

Science teachers typically have no extra time for adding new curriculum, little time for their own professional development, and no discretionary budget to support their lessons with new equipment or field trips. If retired scientists could organize a community effort and work with teachers, they could help enhance science education.

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U.S. school principals are quicker to label their students as poor

American principals are more likely to say their students are poor, when compared to principals in other countries where poverty rates are much higher, according to survey data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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Survey: 56 percent of parents grade technology at schools adequate

About half of parents and students feel their schools are adequate technology-wise, according to a survey from the Center for the Digital Future. Over half of the surveyed parents said they think the technological facilities at their child's school are adequate, with 15 percent disagreeing and the remainder taking no view.

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Task force needed now to address Pa.'s education funding problems

The state’s unfunded liability in its two major public pension systems, those that cover government employees as well as public school teachers, is an economic nightmare. It’s been a ticking time bomb for more than a decade. Now it’s about to explode, wreaking havoc on school budgets across the Commonwealth and leaving school districts — and in turn property owners — holding the bill.

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