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Teacher education key to Louisiana’s transformation

A common thread in high-achieving countries is an elevated priority on teacher education that ought to raise our collective sensibilities, stirring movement toward embracing that model right here in Louisiana. While there are certainly some examples of good efforts occurring in teacher education programs in our state, we are not doing near enough.

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Fix teacher evaluation system now

New York's teacher evaluation system is widely disliked. Lawmakers and educators should work together to craft a system that identifies teachers' needs – and those who can't do the job.

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Iowans support starting school in September

The decision to enforce current Iowa law by discontinuing the practice of automatically approving waivers granting an early school start date should be applauded. The availability and success of zoos, water recreation, trails, golf courses and other family activities not only are critical, but they also help support tax revenues that, in turn, support our schools.

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Joel Klein’s advice for Mass. education reform

Joel Klein was both change agent and lightning rod during as chancellor of the New York City Schools under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In order to improve Boston's education system, Klein advises the governor-elect and Boston’s mayor start by lifting charter-school restrictions. But Boston and several other municipalities are bumping up against the charter cap, that would require legislative action.

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How a Montana district's schools learned to save $4 million

The energy efficiency program that debuted in 2007 is paying off for Billings schools and community. Since the program started, energy bills have been 20 percent less than they would have been with no increase in efficiency. Billings Public Schools’ energy conservation shows what’s possible when everyone stays focused on the goal of good stewardship of public money.

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Building a successful school technology program

Technology has the potential to make good instruction better, but it can quickly make bad instruction even worse. Instruction begins and ends with the teacher. A successful school technology program isn't about technology, it's about teaching.

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Expanding Medicaid can help Florida's children succeed in school

Children who have health insurance through Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program go further in school than children who are uninsured, according to a recent report. Florida policymakers need to keep in mind that the state's education and health care investments complement each other.

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While tribal schools suffer, military schools prosper

The question is why one federal school system is adequately funded while the other is not. Students both on military bases and on remote Indian reservations deserve modern schools that maximize learning opportunities.

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How Congress’ spending bill will keep school lunches salty

Though the healthy school food program remains intact, the 2015 spending bill includes language that curbs any further reduction of sodium in school lunches. Next year, the Hunger-Free Healthy Kids Act will need to be reauthorized, providing an opportunity for the implementation of more stringent rollbacks.

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'Priority' school program can boost students

When children at some of our schools are not learning, we have an obligation to act.

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