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Special education law in need of an overhaul

By the time the 113th Congress winds down, lawmakers will have passed precisely one (the Workforce Investment Act) of more than half a dozen pieces of education legislation overdue for reauthorization. Languishing on that list for the last few years has been the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which guarantees students with disabilities the right to an education and promises states some money with which to pay for that education.

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Georgia releases new school 'growth' data

New school data released this week is intended to give the public a new look at how Georgia schools are performing. Designed to show how much students at each school learn in a year, regardless of whether they passed state tests, it’s part of a shift away from grading schools almost entirely on pass/fail rates on tests.

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This is why Nevada might be the worst state for education

In its report, the Annie E. Casey Foundation ranked all 50 states in terms of educational achievement based on how many of the states' students are enrolled in preschool, how many students are proficient in reading and math, and the states' high school graduation rates. Nevada and New Mexico received the lowest rankings; Massachusetts and New Jersey held the top two spots.

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Renaissance needed in state education model

It is important to honor the progress Texas students and schools have made. This progress has made a real difference for Texas families and our economy. The problem is that we're not improving fast enough to meet the needs of an increasingly technical workplace.

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What's next in educational tech?

There is a lot of money tied up in educational technology. It seems that a lot of faith is being placed in the technology that will soon arrive in K12 and college classrooms and on campuses - but what is actually being created?

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Longer school days don't always lead to better performance

Low-achieving school systems around the country are moving towards longer school days, in hopes of better test scores. But the extended day experiment, largely supported by federal money, doesn't always work, The Hechinger Report finds.

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Measuring academic growth in Georgia

The academic growth component isn't the only, or even the primary, tool for measuring school performance in Georgia, but it should be considered an important one. Success can't be measured just by how much students know, but also by how much more they know than they did when they started.

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Tackling challenges of education and health together

We all too often tackle challenges in distinct fields separately, but America is experiencing challenges in education and health that could be tackled together in ways that are mutually beneficial and cost-effective. The good news is that one proven model already exists.

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How tests make us smarter

Tests have a bad reputation in education circles these days. But the truth is that, used properly, testing as part of an educational routine provides an important tool not just to measure learning, but to promote it.

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It's time to scrutinize Common Core standards through rigorous review process

Common Core does deserve close scrutiny. However, it deserves to be examined in light of specific goals that may exist on the state level.

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