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Louisiana education politics tied up in court

In Louisiana’s fierce education debates, policies sometimes are getting shaped more by what occurs in the courtroom than in the classroom. More than a half-dozen pending lawsuits involve disputes over classroom standards, education financing and decision-making authority in local school districts. The most recent was filed last week, challenging $60 million in charter school funding.

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The search for the best 'college-prep' public high schools should be easier

As concern grows over the low number of black and Latino students at New York City’s specialized high schools, debate rages over the longstanding policy of a single test determining entry into these elite schools. Under the current system, it's hard for parents to determine schools where their children meet the grade and test score requirements.

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Focusing on closing the gender gap in school shootings

We need to find out how to prevent every school shooting, but focusing on the overwhelming male incidence of these tragic events may be helpful. T

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Survey expands on what veteran teachers think

Overall, teachers do not believe that Common Core Standards are having a positive impact on student learning, according to a new teacher survey. Long-time teachers believe that students should also be learning outside of school.

High school internships can blaze career path

A familiar workforce strategy is now being offered to high school students while addressing a crucial need in the labor market. Internships are not just for college students anymore. In Indiana, one-third of last year’s senior class in Noblesville earned school credit by serving an internship during the school day with a local business.

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New Calif. bill to expel school suspensions good for students

AB420 diverts students to in-school suspensions intended to help them. This kind of reform is necessary to improving positive outcomes of students and makes way for restorative justice practices. Teachers need to spend less time on disciplining students and instead work with counselors and supportive staff who can get to the root of the problem.

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Don’t let politics kill Illinois’ school funding debate

The proposed SB16 bill demands greater financial transparency from school districts. It phases in reductions to state aid over four years and prioritizes resources where there is greater student need. Let’s have a fair, thoughtful, rhetoric-free debate about Senate Bill 16, and remember that it should be about a quality education for all Illinois children, not squabbling over politics.

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Students have right to sit during pledge

While students have the right to not participate in the pledge and should not be compelled to do so or disciplined for refusing, we hope few will choose to sit it out. Standing in silence during the pledge is a show of respect for other participants who feel strongly, similar to someone attending a religious service of a faith he did not follow, but still bowing his head during the prayer.

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Seattle’s special-education program needs more pressure from the state

After years of prompting the Seattle’s special-education program to fix ongoing problems, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction is finally enacting real consequences. Hitting the program’s bottom line could serve as the heat Seattle Schools needs to fix its problems, but the district’s indolence on this important program does not inspire confidence.

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School referendums must be realistic, properly explained to voters

Districts need to market their referendums in a smarter way. Once they have a solid plan they need to reach out in new ways such as social media to get their message across. Voters are extremely busy today and must be convinced through new methods to lend their support at the polls.

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