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Why half of urban kids drop out

Urban school systems need something individualized and intensive as a safety net to help prevent students who start falling behind from falling completely through the cracks. But there is also a larger lesson here that it is not too late to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds even once they reach adolescence.

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Time to rejuvenate New Jersey charter school law

The 1995 law that created public charter schools is no longer sufficient. New Jersey and the nation have learned a great deal in 17 years about how to serve and support the children and families who rely on a charter education. Now is the time to update the state’s charter school law.

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Pass Pennsylvania law taming errant teachers

Proposed legislation in Harrisburg seeks to stop the unfettered flow of unfit educators. Senate Bill 46 would require districts to confidentially share certain information about teachers, closing loopholes that have allowed people unsuited for the classroom to move from job to job.

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Is It Time to Start School Later?

Teenagers are biologically driven to sleep-in, stay-up-late schedules—routines that make early school mornings challenging for everybody. What if the remedy lies in making adjustments to their daily schedule requirements?

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Oregon science standards require new teacher certification

Oregon recently became the tenth state to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards. However, there is currently no certification in several science areas, and there is little opportunity for teachers to pursue such training in the college programs that exist now in the state.

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Society tolerates widespread sex abuse in schools

Sex abuse is a frequent occurrence involving public employees in positions of trust and victims forced into their care by mandatory attendance. Congress, governors,the secretary of education, legislators and school boards need to get serious and stop these crimes against youth.

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A school bus is not a billboard

For parents in many Massachusetts towns, writing a check for school-bus transportation is routine. But as painful as those bus fees may be, it could be worse: We could be writing checks so that our children can climb on school buses papered with ads.

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What happened when I opted my kids out of standardized tests

My decision to opt my kids out might have no real effect at all here in Colorado but, on the other hand, if I support friends in other states in opting their kids out, I might cause teachers to be downgraded and schools to lose funding.

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Kids, it’s time to ride the bus/subway to school

School transportation officials in Boston want to replace yellow school buses with MBTA passes for 4,500 middle-school students. The district spends about $100 million annually on transportation (10 percent of the operating budget). That’s the highest percentage of any urban school district in the nation.

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Dispute erupts over school reform in Newark, N.J.

More than three years after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg committed $100 million toward remaking Newark’s struggling schools, the district is engulfed in a dispute over proposed large-scale teacher layoffs that’s threatening to derail wider reform efforts.

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