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The economic impact of school suspensions

A recent report found that African-American girls were suspended at much higher rates than their white peers, a phenomenon that leads to lower earnings and educational attainment in the long run.

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Police intervention replacing traditional discipline in schools

Thanks to a recent investigation, we are learning that more students are coming into serious encounters with the law at school. And too often it leads to jail, being marked as a lawbreaker, denied entrance to college or a life-long branding as a troublemaker.

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Do Palm Beach County schools have a bullying problem?

School officials say it may be due to strong reporting here. They have been recognized for meeting the state’s anti-bullying law, the “Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act,” and a big part of that law requires reporting and communicating about bullying incidents.

Perhaps. But it’s still a big number.

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What happens when students control their own education?

When a New Hampshire district found itself struggling with low test scores and high turnover, it made a radical decision: Flip the traditional model and let kids take over the classrooms.

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Concealed handguns beneficial to campus safety

There is no doubt an element of mental illness is involved with each school shooting. However, “gun-free” zones serve as magnets to these shooters. We can better prepare ourselves for and defend against these mass shootings by eliminating “gun-free” zones and educating ourselves about handgun safety.

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Virtual success or state money pit?

Thousands of North Carolina schoolchildren may be taking their classes through home computers next year, after state lawmakers created a pilot program that will add two online-based schools. It could send millions in public education dollars from local school districts to private curriculum providers.

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A betrayal of migrant children, and the law

On New York's Long Island, not-in-my-backyard resentment and bureaucratic obstruction are getting in the way of equal treatment under the law. These schools have an obligation to meet, and children to teach. They have to find the money and will to do it.

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University pushes back against Michigan's measurement of charter performance

Grand Valley State University's leadership, while supportive of monitoring performance, is challenging Michigan's academic performance methodology as an inaccurate measure of overall performance by aggregating students without recognizing student diversity and at-risk student populations.

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Will this winter force cancellation of school as often as last year?

Midwest and Northeast schools could see a repeat of last year's widespread cancellations and delays due to hazardous temperatures. Areas from eastern Texas all the way up to eastern Kentucky could be impacted by ice events that will prompt school delays and cancellations.

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Education sets the table for healthy eating in school

We have witnessed great advances in policies relating to what children eat in schools. Instead of rolling back these gains, we should be strengthening these healthy eating policies with additional requirements for nutrition education, increased funding for the programs that provide it, and more support for schools that want to offer it.

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