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Keep kids active after school, too

Over the past few months, election speeches and Chicago news headlines have emphasized the importance of quality education. Yet, one proven ingredient to success has been left out of those conversations — extracurricular activities. Both are critical for reaching a zero percent drop-out rate and improved high school graduation rates.

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Have we taken the wrong approach to treating kids with ADHD?

Children with ADHD are often told to be quiet and sit still in the classroom. But new research suggests that letting them move around may actually be a more effective way to help them learn.

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American schools should promote financial education

Our schools and education system have missed a crucial subject and made generations poorer for it. There is no reasonable argument to prevent the implementation of financial education into every high school in the country. Doing so would benefit all students, regardless of their career interests or college major.

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Teachers’ unions fight standardized testing, and find diverse allies

After several years in which teachers’ unions have been hammered on the issue of tenure, have lost collective bargaining rights in some states and have seen their evaluations increasingly tied to student scores, they have begun to reassert themselves using a bread-and-butter issue: the annual tests given to elementary and middle school students in every state.

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We need know-how, not higher test scores

Our education system is aimed in the wrong direction and doing little of substance to prepare students to be truly ready for a career. We are focusing on test scores that mean nothing to the students who are taking the tests and nothing to businesses that are looking, sometimes desperately, for workers to replace a rapidly aging work force.

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A new season of collaboration and possibility in school health

With so much on their plates already, the teachers, administrators, parents and staff who lead school health efforts need strong support to adopt health-promoting policies and practices. School district wellness policies, mandated by federal law, need to be more comprehensive.

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Is a 'bilingual' stamp of approval necessary?

Nine states currently offer a State Seal of Biliteracy to recognize high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in one or more languages in addition to English. Proponents say the seal allows employers to distinguish between people who can get by in another language from those who are truly fluent.

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Can gaming produce better students?

Today, Big Data has replaced many human number crunchers, while robots are drafted for military endeavors and factory floor tasks. Humans are required to be creative, entrepreneurial, problem-solving thinkers. Games-centered curricula could be the best solution for educators to prepare students for today's workforce.

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Charter school moratorium bill denies urban families passport to education

By imposing a three-year moratorium on new charter school creation and the expansion of existing charter schools, A New Jersey bill, if passed, will mean that fewer children will have access to a great public school education that can put them on track to a better life.

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At Brooklyn Free School, students control their education

Skeptics question whether children can master what they need to know with no required curriculum, and advocates concede that free schools are not for everyone. But they say it’s a form of education that trusts in children’s innate desire to learn, and cultivates the independent, critical thinking that democracy depends on.

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