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How Newark schools will look with a more democratic concept of local control

Local control needs a growing period, and it will be most effective if it comes from the bottom and not the top. This requires a safe space for educators, parents and community members to be able to come up with ideas, and experiment with new education solutions. There also needs to be a fundamental guarantee of fair allocation of resources by the state.

To diversify schools, expand charters: The model works

Racially and socioeconomically diverse schools increase opportunity for students of all colors and income levels. So it’s hard to understand why New York's administration does not support the one type of public school — charters — with the potential to integrate the city's horribly segregated school system.

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Philly, others should adopt K14 school model

Students can no longer sit down after graduation and apply for jobs from the classified section. They need career training long before they receive their diplomas. The K14 model does exactly that. With technical education, experience in the workplace, and mentors in their chosen field, these young people gain a solid career footing.

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National poll supports public school choice and reduced reliance on testing

A new poll of public and public school parents reports widespread concerns about an overemphasis on tests, mixed views on “opting out” of testing and strong support for public school choice. About two-thirds think there is an overemphasis on standardized tests. The majority of African-American and Hispanic responders would not excuse their children from testing.

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Standardized testing cripples educational goals

Standardized testing does not test a student’s intelligence so much as it tests their ability to adhere to the status quo and think inside the box. Because of this, students who excel at thinking and learning in more abstract ways are punished.

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Why school superintendents should act more like CEOs

A school district superintendent will never get paid like a private sector CEO, but that does not mean they should not act like one. Make no apology for hiring a leadership team. Tell the story of your vision. Celebrate success.

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Texas school finance needs repair again

Despite the fact that lawmakers have restored much of the funding that was cut in 2011, the state is not keeping up with the needs of a growing student population, including an increasing number of students who are more expensive to educate because they are low-income and, in many cases, learning English.

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Not everyone has a choice

A decades-old policy issue is once again under debate: the flexibility to allow the approximately $14.4 billion of Title I-A funds to follow students across schools. While portability has a certain immediate appeal, it could have negative consequences for some of the poorest students.

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Creating school standards that actually make sense for N.C.'s children

The commission appointed to advise the North Carolina Board of Education about the Common Core standards has a difficult job. The commission can bow to political ideology and perhaps outdated curriculum or it can base its assessment on standards that will best assist our children who will live most of their lives well into the 21st century.

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Making the Gun Free School Zone Act better

California's Gun Free School Zone Act currently includes an exemption for people who have been issued permits to carry concealed weapons. In this era of school shootings and other mass attacks with firearms, this loophole needs to be closed.

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