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Why middle school should be abolished

We need to cut the middle out of middle schools, either by combining them with the guidance and nurturing that children find in elementary school, or with the focus on adult success that we expect from our high schools.

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Special education needs to be a budget priority

Since 2003, the number of Massachusetts special needs students has increased by over 6 percent. That is a challenge facing all schools and educators and we must continue to invest in cost-effective, innovative programs that prepare students to become productive members of society, hold jobs, contribute to the economy, and live as independently as possible.

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The untapped potential of teacher networks

While there are certainly simpler ways to network teachers, investing in the infrastructure to build network organizations has the potential to move the profession, and with it, the quality of teaching and learning everywhere.

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How America’s most financially disadvantaged districts got that way

The Education Law Center of New Jersey’s annual report, “Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card,” explores some of the most financially disadvantaged school districts and identifies conditions that have created or reinforced their disadvantage. Among other findings, the report found that states must take a hard look at plainly illogical state school finance formulas.

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Public schools can address success

Too often public schools that excel are intentionally overlooked by those hell-bent on opening charter schools, as well as by the general public. It is often difficult for school districts to get noticed for something other than athletics.

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New N.Y. school board majority proposing a dramatic overhaul of education

Even optimists who had hoped the new Buffalo School Board would move quickly to deal with issues that shackle the district had to have been startled at the speed with which the new majority is moving.

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New Illinois bullying law good time to re-evaluate rules

It would be foolish to suggest a bill recently signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn that deals with school bullying will eliminate the problem. But it would be equally foolish to think that schools don't need some guidelines to help deal with bullies and bullying tactics.

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Closer watch needed for charter schools

Michigan needs to keep a sharper eye on its 232 charter schools, which serve more than 100,000 students. The state needs to insist that charter school operators have a record of high performance before they open schools. Once operating, there should be no room for lousy schools to exist year after year.

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'Seed, feed and weed': Advice on turning around underperforming schools

We can’t have a charter sector that’s performing worse than a traditional district. That defeats the purpose of having charters in the first place. The opportunity here in the next three to five years is to get serious about quality — and quality growth, not just growth for growth’s sake.

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Districts that serve Michigan's poorest children should receive more state funding

If the state is sincere in its desire to help all students succeed, it will acknowledge that some districts — those that serve the neediest children —have the need for better and more stable funding.

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