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Latino education gains are encouraging

The report, "The Condition of Latinos in Education: 2015 Factbook," released by Excelencia in Education, paints a more accurate profile of Latino students, one spotlighting achievement and countering misperceptions and myths.

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California’s public schools are failing English learners

The new California funding formula can be read to encourage school districts to keep students classified as English learners longer than necessary to receive more money. The state should remove this incentive by altering the formula to allow districts to continue to receive grants for students at least two years after they are reclassified.

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Make Wyoming's school chief an expert, not a politician

The state constitution only requires a person running for state superintendent be at least age 25, a U.S. citizen and a qualified elector. Perhaps when the state was in its infancy, those qualifications were enough. But we need to require more qualifications by appointing, rather than electing, a superintendent of public instruction.

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Half of Kentucky's kindergartners not ready for school

Half of the state's kindergartners started this school year lacking basic skills they need to be ready to succeed in school, according to the results of a statewide readiness test. The findings statewide and in local school districts showed that not much has changed since last year's results.

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The guidance counselor crisis

How might schools better equip students with a shortage of guidance counselors? One solution is to bring in mentors who take pressure off the overwhelmed guidance counselors. Retirees are one great source of talent — they have the experience, time and wisdom.

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How can your librarian help bolster brain-based teaching practices?

Transitioning back to an inquiry-based approach to instruction requires students to take a more active role and asks teachers to step back into a supportive position. It can be a tough transition for many students and their teachers, but turning to the school librarian for support could make the transition a little easier.

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Boston’s next school superintendent must prioritize inequity issues

The new superintendent should expand the number of available advanced learning opportunities for all its students. But increasing the number of advanced work classrooms alone is not enough to address the glaring achievement gap.

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Missing the point on ‘school accountability’

The legislators would be better off coming up with plans to address the conditions that lead to low-scoring schools instead of continuing to put the onus solely on the educators who are trying to overcome them.

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School supervision and efficiency in Kansas

Half of the Kansas state budget goes to education, which can justify more supervision. Yet it's hard to escape the sense that legislative conservatives, smarting from court rulings on school funding, simply don't trust those involved in public education and are going to considerable lengths to remind them who's really in charge.

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Teacher pay drives school spending in Vermont

As we enter the annual school budget cycle, Vermont's school boards are facing the perfect storm: declining support from Montpelier, lower enrollments, and taxpayer anger at rising property taxes. The automatic annual teacher salary increases we are seeing — driven by indexed salary grids — can't be justified on educational, economic or moral terms.

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