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Education Miracles that Aren't

Beware of education miracles. Too often, there's less there than meets the eye. Remember the extraordinary gains in test scores and lowered dropout rates in Houston schools more than a decade ago? They became the model for the federal No Child Left Behind Act and catapulted the schools' superintendent, Rod Paige, to his position as U.S. secretary of Education at the beginning of the George W. Bush administration.

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Education Spending that Isn't Smart

Not long after President Obama proclaimed in his second inaugural that "an economic recovery has begun," we learned that the U.S. economy actually shrank in the last quarter. Many economists believe this is a temporary setback. This recovery may be the weakest in American history, but the economy isn't cratering either.

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For Philadelphia Schools, Do The Math

It is imperative that Philadelphia’s citizens be involved in planning how to downsize its public-school system.

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Private Money and Public Schools

Sacramento's local education reform efforts illustrate a broader national trend: corporate funding of education reform via nonprofits to alter public schools.

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In Some Southern Districts, Segregation Lives On

It has been more than half a century since the Supreme Court decided in Brown v. Board of Education that separate is inherently unequal and legally, ended public school segregation. And yet, our schools are now more racially isolated than they were in the civil rights era.

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Why Newspaper Advisers Are Heroes

These educators put up an enormous amount of effort for the privilege of putting out a school newspaper.

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Why Schools Want $1.2 billion from Seattle Taxpayers

"We do have teachers who have used their own money to buy small pieces of whiteboard to put over their chalkboards," Principal Christy Collins explains. "As far as instruction, my concern would be that our students are at a disadvantage in this digital age."

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Searching for Education's Next Great Innovations

Just about everywhere you look, the funding model for public education is broken. School districts are dealing with escalating costs in the face of devastating budget cuts. This cannot stand; too much is at stake.

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Everyone Has Plan for Education Reform, Except Michigan Educators

The Center for Michigan has one. So does the governor and legislature. Even the Oxford Foundation has one. What is it? A plan for educational reform, and it seems that everyone, with the exception of the educational community, has one. It seems they would rather simply stand on the sidelines and carp about ideas being advanced.

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