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NY boards to vote on allowing limited vet tax break

Late last year, the state gave school districts the option of granting tax breaks to people who have served in the military. Those breaks are already allowed in county and town taxes.

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Few minority and female students took computer science AP exam in 2013

The College Board released its annual report on AP exam participation and performance, noting that a vast majority of AP Computer Science test-takers in 2013 were white males.

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The economy is big news–so why not teach it?

Financial ed in schools is seen as one way to bring down over time the number of young people entering adulthood saddled with debt. But first we have to bring up the numbers of states and schools that offer or require such coursework.

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Rhetoric has real consequences for Minnesota's kids

Education Minnesota President Specht suggests that all is well in Minnesota’s schools but this ignores the reality that thousands of students—predominantly African-American and Hispanic—are not receiving an adequate education.

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Concealed-carry in Illinois schools is the wrong approach

Arming teachers in schools may be tantalizing to some gun-rights advocates, but it is dangerous public policy that unnecessarily puts children’s lives at risk by having firearms in their vicinity and turns teachers into security guards.

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Stop the politics and adopt the Common Core

This is a pivotal moment for the Common Core State Standards. The debate about the standards must be changed to ensure politics and mythology don't derail a vital effort to improve opportunities for our kids as they are falling further behind their international peers.

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Latest research shows NJ slipping on fair school funding

New Jersey consistently ranks as having among the nation’s fairest systems of public school funding bu, under the current administration, the state has seen its 'fairness rating' drop from second to 12th place nationally.

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Find creative ways to integrate arts in education

It is fitting that a community so rich in talent and focused on the arts makes every effort to reach out to the next generation when it comes to sharing the culture. Two NY museums are doing just that.

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Invest in education early and see the rewards

Early education is an investment in the future, an investment that has been shown to reap dividends by study after study. It's an investment that has been lacking in recent years in the state of Illinois.

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Three way to help rural schools

One-third of American schools are rural, and they serve 11 million students. These schools face many of the same challenges that urban school districts do, including a high proportion of low-income students, low educational attainment among parents and low college attendance among high-school graduates.

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