LETTER: School Technology a Community Issue

Schools are increasingly embracing technology as a necessary educational tool. In talking with teachers in schools that integrate technology widely across grade levels, the developmental sequence is one that begins with establishing basic infrastructure such as high-speed wireless in every school.

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Tech Era Calls for More Education and Restriction

Youth internet addiction has reached a desperate and concerning level — so much so that it's resulting in legal action. Most recently, two California teens were charged with "conspiracy and willfully mingling a pharmaceutical with food" after one of them drugged her parents' milkshakes to bypass a 10 p.m. internet curfew. When children begin drugging their own parents for extra minutes on the web, the issue has gone from comical to dangerous, and something needs to change.

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Barre School Technology Plan Would be Expensive

The price of pursuing a five-year plan that would eventually put a personal computing device in the hands of every student at Barre City Elementary and Middle School accounts for nearly $300,000 of a budget increase that — at least for the moment — is still sitting at roughly $1.4 million.

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Education, the Great Un-Equalizer

Massachusetts, home to America's best schools and best-educated workforce, has seen income inequality soar. Why? The poor are losing an academic arms race with the rich.

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Why You Don't Need an Employee Social Media Policy

Scott McLeod, director of innovation for Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency 8 in Iowa, takes a look at social media policies that have worked and those that haven't, and concludes we may be trying too hard.

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