What's new in schools is keyboard curricula

High school typing class was once just an elective for students planning to attend college. No more. Teaching kids to type from an early age is becoming standard.

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Oregon needs to invest in technical education

For the past several decades, school systems have disinvested in teaching students how to make things, discontinuing shop classes and other hands-on learning to stress academic instruction and college prep classes. But now, creating opportunities for students to have applied learning experiences is a critical pathway to high-demand jobs.

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Virtual schools bring real concerns about quality

Scholars who study online education are recommending that states curb the growth of full-time virtual schools until better quality safeguards are put in place.

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Can students have too much tech?

More technology in the classroom has long been a policy-making panacea. But mounting evidence shows that showering students, especially those from struggling families, with networked devices will not shrink the class divide in education. If anything, it will widen it.

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