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Using UT researcher's initiatives, in-school suspensions decrease at Texas middle school

In-school suspension rates at Ed White Middle School in San Antonio dropped 75 percent over two years as a result of an initiative that disciplines students through community accountability created by UT researcher Marilyn Armour. A key factor is holding students accountable for their mistakes by communicating with those involved.

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Newark schools struggle to keep students on track amid violence

Newark is a hard place to grow up. The district, though, has no uniform response for the death of a student or any other violent event that takes place outside school grounds. As a result of community violence, one of the specific challenges that the schools struggle with is really keeping students engaged and hopeful about the future.

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Oklahoma school district closes early to prevent spread of illness

The Woodland Public School District cancel all classes and school activities through the Thanksgiving break due to a high infection frequency of mononucleosis in the community. During that time, all school buildings will be disinfected.

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Ferguson School District's plan to get students off the streets

Schools in Ferguson, Missouri, released plans to ensure that students are off the streets - possibly including closing schools - ahead of the grand jury verdict in the shooting of teenager Michael Brown. Whenever a decision is handed down, the entire district's 23 schools could close if the decision is released during a school day.

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Charter school chain finally discloses salaries in North Carolina

Last week, it appeared that Charter Day School, Inc had finally put an end to more than a month of wrangling with state regulators when it turned over salary data for administrators working at the schools. But the salary list does not include that of the son of the schools' founder.

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Chicago Board of Ed votes to change the way it rates schools

With little public notice or community involvement, Chicago Public Schools again changed the way it rates its schools. The current ratings — Levels 1, 2 and 3 — were to be replaced by Tiers 1 through 5. CPS decided instead to keep the Levels names and add in two “-plus” Levels, keeping the names that were familiar to parents.

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$460 million available for N.J. urban school repair projects

The head of the School Development Authority, which oversees school construction projects in New Jersey, said there is more than $260 million in reserve accounts available for necessary repair work at education facilities. The agency also has the ability to bond for another $200 million to pay for projects.

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iPad contract resurrected: LAUSD to spend $22 million on tech

Three months after the former superintendent axed a controversial contract with Apple and Pearson, interim LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines is planning to spend $22 million in bond money under that same contract to buy more than 20,000 iPads for standardized tests in the spring.

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DA Daily is taking a Thanksgiving break

With schools closed for the holiday, DA Daily is taking Thursday and Friday off. We will return on Monday with the latest news and opinion from across K12.

Economics a factor in results of Pa.'s School Performance Profiles

The recently released state School Performance Profiles once again show a correlation between the economic makeup of top-performing districts and those in the bottom of the academic rankings in Allegheny County.

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