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Crucial early education program badly hurt by federal cuts

Head Start had a budget of $8 billion this year, but under the sequester, it lost $400 million. Now, in all 50 states, every Head Start program has been told to cut costs by five percent.

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STEAM power takes over Minneapolis Middle School

"We're developing a school forest," explained art teacher Jim Bias, from Edgewood Middle School in Mounds View, Minn. This is one of 25 electives offered this year for Edgewood's new STEAM curriculum.

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Olathe (Kan.) school bond package passes overwhelmingly

The Olathe (Kan.) School District will immediately begin planning to build a fifth high school and will enhance security measures at all its schools now that voters have approved a $244.8 million bond package.

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Private school vouchers at center of House budget debate

House lawmakers pushed forward their $20.6 billion budget after more than seven hours of debate recently that was punctuated by a back-and-forth on private-school vouchers where the House speaker took the unusual step of participating.

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Texas district draws complaints for prayer at preschool graduation

A graduation ceremony at a Texas preschool that began with a prayer is drawing criticism from a group advocating for the separation of church and state.

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School’s new culture cuts racial achievement gap

When Principal Donald Lilley was hired nine years ago to improve Annapolis (Md.) High School, he discovered what appeared to be two schools under one roof. “My African-American ninth grade males … I’d say 73 percent, had less than a 2.0 grade point average,” he said, compared to whites that were in Advanced Placement and being accepted into college.

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St. Vrain Valley's STEM education filters down to youngest thinkers

Inside IBM's sprawling campus, James Gould gazed at the water coursing through the device he and his colleagues had constructed from the tank of an old carpet cleaner, several clear plastic CD cases, cotton-like quilt batting and lots of duct tape.

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A federal battle wages over school standards

Here's a multiple-choice question: If the federal government penalizes states where pupils do badly in school, but lets the states themselves set the pass mark, will the states a) make the tests harder; or b) dumb them down?

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Hillary Clinton addresses education, women at Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton, who was introduced by her husband, took the stage at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago Thursday to outline her commitment to early childhood education, opportunities for women and girls, and the need for economic development in the United States.

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Chicago district leaves door open to keeping 10 of 50 schools open

For now, Chicago Public Schools has legally left the door open to the possibility of halting 10 of its 50 historic school closings, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

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