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School bans most balls during recess: Smart move or going too far?

That's what parents are asking after hearing about a Long Island middle school's decision to ban most balls during recess and also require supervision of tag, even cartwheels, due to safety concerns.

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High school dropouts are getting alternatives to the GED test

The General Education Development test for high school dropouts is becoming more difficult, more expensive, and available only on computer. Two alternative tests are set to enter the market from different providers, and states such as New York are abandoning the GED entirely.

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Ann Arbor schools to consider banning dogs from district properties

Ann Arbor Public Schools officials are considering banning dogs and other pets from school property while class is in session after years of operating under an ambiguous policy.

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Proposal would let Milwaukee charter schools rise independent of districts

Controversial legislation recently introduced by a Milwaukee lawmaker would allow new charter schools to open across the state without the blessing of local school districts. If it passes, the proposal by Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) would dramatically change the system for chartering schools in Wisconsin.

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Without warning, Boston school bus drivers strike

Boston officials lashed out at a surprise strike yesterday morning by the city’s school bus drivers that affected more than 30,000 students, saying it was illegal and the city would take legal action against the drivers’ union and seek disciplinary action against drivers who participated.

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Portland Public Schools to hire more employees to help lower class sizes

Portland Public Schools plans on adding 30 full-time teaching positions and 68 part-time classified employee positions this year after the district projected its reserves will contain $16 million more than originally budgeted.

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Boston mayoral candidate unveils plan to improve city high schools

Mayoral candidate Martin J. Walsh today announced a plan to bolster large district high schools in Boston, rolling out a policy on his opponent’s marquee issue: education.

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Low-income schools find new way to fundraise

No one really wants to buy candy or wrapping paper for a school fundraiser, but some parents just can't afford it.

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Thousands rally in support of charter schools in NYC

Many charter school parents and teachers are upset over some proposals by Democratic mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio, which include ending the practice of allowing charter schools to share space in buildings with traditional public schools.

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$200M for Minnesota schools now out of voters' hands

Minnesota taxpayers no longer have direct control over more than $200 million worth of school levies they approved because of a shift in tax authority designed to give school districts more-reliable revenue sources.

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