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Are schools responsible for childhood obesity?

A survey presented at the 2013 Childhood Obesity Conference (using data from a Kaiser Permanente poll) revealed that 90% of Americans think schools have a responsibility when it comes to fighting childhood obesity.

Summer spotlight on reading at central Ohio schools

Schools are rethinking summer school this year in response to the state’s new third-grade reading guarantee.

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Group asks feds to investigate Kentucky district over harassment of student

A civil rights organization has asked a pair of federal agencies to investigate the Russell Independent Schools in Eastern Kentucky over allegations that a 14-year-old Asian-American student has been repeatedly harassed.

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Few of Iowa's public schools have tornado safe rooms, state data show

Thirty-seven of Iowa’s 1,400 public school buildings include safe rooms, with most built in the last five years, state data show.

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Districts in Madison County (Ala.) to build $297 million in new, renovated schools

City, county and school officials on Monday announced a combined capital plan that will bring $297 million in new and renovated schools to Huntsville, Madison and Madison County.

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Michigan schools chief proposes consolidating services to save districts money

Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan outlined a hybrid proposal for countywide school operations to be run by existing intermediate school districts in a report to the chairmen of the House and Senate K-12 education appropriations committees.

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Insurance companies to drop Kansas schools allowing firearms on campuses

An insurance company currently providing coverage for the vast majority of Kansas school districts is refusing to renew coverage for schools permitting teachers and custodians to carry concealed firearms.

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A second armed officer for one N.J. district, despite lack of support from Gov. Christie

Bridgewater Township has agreed to provide a second armed police officer for the high school at the district's expense, despite the recent comments against the idea by Gov. Chris Christie.

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Buffalo superintendent submits plan to transfer students from low-performing schools

A new report commits the district to exploring a variety of ways to accommodate students from its 45 “failing” schools into one its 12 schools in good standing with the state.

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Tucson schools to dump software system

Calling the purchase of $10 million software a "failed experiment," the Tucson Unified School District is ready to dump the system after years of unsuccessfully trying to implement it.

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