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Education Secretary Arne Duncan Talks Reform

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on Tuesday said education reform must start with comprehensive change.

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New Michigan Student Count Formula Could Cost Schools Thousands

The state is changing the way it counts students, a move that is expected to cost the county’s schools more than a half million dollars in state aid.

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Sen. Lamar Alexander: Let States Control Schools

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) struck a bipartisan tone Tuesday, arguing that the federal requirements for evaluating students and teachers set out in No Child Left Behind should be scuttled in favor of state-set standards.

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Program Helping South Carolina Youngsters Handle Emotions Expands

A renowned, innovative after-school program that helps students control their tempers, deal with nerves, take responsibility and make good life choices is going national after receiving a $1 million donation.

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Schools Weigh Risk, Benefit of Facebook

Fears over bullying and improper teacher contact with students are prompting many schools to limit social media sites like Facebook, which critics argue may not be a wise educational move.

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