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Most N.D. voters back beginning school after Labor Day, poll finds

A new poll suggests North Dakota's proposed Measure 8 will pass without a hitch with voters. If the measure is approved, all public school classes in the state would begin after Labor Day. Supporters initiated the measure to prevent students from sitting in hot classrooms at the end of summer, which has caused districts to cancel school.

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Three new charters given go ahead in Florida district

The Bay District School Board is giving three new charter programs the green light. Newpoint Bay will add an elementary school and alternative high school while University Academy will add a middle school to its elementary program.

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Teens may be taking ADHD meds in response to academic pressure

While the number of children medicated for ADHD continues to rise, a new study shows that the number of kids who actually take such medication varies by season. According to American Sociological Review's research, middle and high school students are 30 percent more likely to have a prescription filled for stimulant medication during the school year than they are during the summer.

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Illinois district's teacher strike closes school again

Schools in Waukegan will remain closed again as the teacher strike continues into its tenth day due to an impasse between Waukegan District 60 and its teachers union over teacher compensation.

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School, district accountability ratings released by Mississippi

The Mississippi Department of Education released this year's school accountability results, which are nearly identical to last year's results. All districts were granted a waiver saying they would not be held accountable for declining performances on the MCT-2, a standardized test that's disappearing this school year. Grades only changed this year if a school happened to improve, which most did not.

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Green surroundings linked to higher student test scores

Exposure to nature has long been linked to lower stress levels and mental alertness, but a new study finds it is also associated with higher scores on a standardized test. Even after controlling for factors such as race and parental income, Massachusetts third graders with greater outside exposure showed better English and math academic performance, a new study reports in the online journal PLoS One.

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Calif. school, government settle transgender complaint

A Southern California school district has settled a government claim that it discriminated against a transgender student who said she was forbidden to wear makeup, was harassed by other children and was encouraged to change schools. The Downey USD agreed to give the teenager access to the same facilities and activities as other female students

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Philadelphia charter school to hold a lottery to slash enrollment

The Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter School will hold a lottery this week to cut its student enrollment nearly in half. The action came the same day that the Philadelphia School District opened proceedings to revoke the school's charter. The K12 charter has been operating with 1,290 students on its campuses though it is not allowed to enroll more than 675 students.

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Second virtual school in Maine one step closer to opening

The Maine Charter School Commission voted to move the Maine Virtual Academy one step closer to opening in Maine with a more in-depth review of its application. It would be the second virtual charter school in Maine. Maine Connections Academy opened this fall.

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Indiana Board of Education delays A-F release over data questions

Indiana schools will not receive their "A-F" school grades for at least another three weeks. The State Board of Education voted to delay their release because of problems with how International Baccalaureate scores were recorded for a small number of schools.