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A.J. Duffy, Education Reformer?

On several occasions over the last few years, A.J. Duffy sat in a conference room with the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times and expounded on the evils of charter schools, the value of teachers union contracts that included pages and pages of extensive work rules, the importance of the teacher seniority system and the nefarious intentions of those who sought to streamline the firing of bad teachers.

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Catholic School Teachers Wrestle With Faith and Obedience in Negotiating a Contract

Wednesday morning, on the first day of the new school year at St. Paul?s Roman Catholic School in East Harlem, Gertrude Zagarella expects to arrive, as always, at 7:05. By 7:45, the children ? mostly Hispanic, black and poor ? will be done with breakfast, and then it is Ms. Zagarella?s responsibility to lead all the students, from kindergartners to eighth graders, into the gym for morning prayers.

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Minnesota Students Paying for Budget Cuts

As schools open across Minnesota on Tuesday, the tough economic times will be more noticeable to students, teachers -- and soon, taxpayers.

In November, a record 133 school districts say they'll ask taxpayers to support referendums to ward off cuts that have condensed class schedules, provoked higher pay-to-play fees and forced schools to resort to in-school advertising to make ends meet.

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New Tech Program Aiding Colorado Teachers

A task that once took weeks can now be done in a few seconds thanks to new technology in place in the Moffat County School District.

Alpine Achievement stores information teachers can use to hone in on student needs in the classroom.

?This is just a wonderful piece to make our work more effective and more efficient on a day-to-day basis,? assistant superintendent Brent Curtice said.

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Los Angeles Schools, Teachers Accused of Cheating

Student test scores from two Los Angeles-area schools have been thrown out based on evidence of cheating by teachers.

Three teachers at Short Avenue Elementary are accused of correcting answers on student answer sheets or instructing students toward correct answers -- or both. A science teacher at Animo Leadership Charter High School is also accused of correcting answers after exams have taken place.

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Michele Bachmann Suggests Axing The Department of Education

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), told a forum that if elected president, she would consider cutting several federal programs and institutions, including the Department of Education -- reiterating a stance she's mentioned before.

Her comment was in response to an inquiry by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) at the Palmetto Freedom Forum in South Carolina Monday. The Republican presidential primary forum focused on immigration, government downsizing and constitutional and social issues.

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Money Troubles, New Standards Bring Changes to Michigan Schools

It's the beginning of a crucial year for Michigan because stringent, systemic changes are headed to all 800 school districts and charter schools.

A financial crisis means many students will head back to schools where class sizes are larger, programs have been cut, their favorite teacher may have been laid off and where services are being privatized. Some children may have to walk farther to catch the bus -- if bus service is offered at all. Some are paying more to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities.

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Young Men's Leadership Academy in New York Shapes Future Leaders

In a school district where the performance of young men ? especially black and Hispanic boys ? lags behind their female classmates, educators are always looking for ways to better reach this population of students.

Research has shown that boys learn differently than girls, thriving on such things as competition and hands-on projects that aren't always found in traditional school settings.

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Philadelphia District Ready for New Year Without the Drama of Ackerman

Although she was nowhere to be found Tuesday, it was impossible not to talk about the return of 155,000 students to classrooms in the Philadelphia School District without mentioning Arlene Ackerman.

Without mentioning the $905,000 buyout it took to force her out. Without mentioning the turmoil her time in Philadelphia caused and what her long, drawn-out exit threatened to do to the morale of the thousands of teachers, principals and others who will make sure schools welcome students with open arms today.

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Education Reform Coming to the Suburbs of Maryland

As the school year finally gets under way, public school students across the state will be writing more often and learning to think differently in math class, as the state begins major education reforms that will change everything from the curriculum to the way teachers are evaluated.

While some of the changes ? which districts agreed to make in exchange for more federal funding ? have faced resistance from teachers, others have already been embraced in classrooms.

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