Blended Learning: Emphasis on Learning

Attend this web seminar to hear from Myeisha Phillips, Coordinator of School Improvement at the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, who will share the story of how her team is moving the needle of achievement forward by executing a comprehensive, student-centered blended learning strategy incorporating instructional software that has the ability to adapt to students’ learning needs.

Content creation expert Nigel Nisbet of the MIND Research Institute will present strategies for creating learning experiences for students that provide opportunities for educators to probe for understanding through classroom discourse and authentic student engagement.

Topics will include:

  • Keys to a successful blended learning strategy
  • How to identify the right instructional software for blended learning
  • How to combine in-person instruction and technology to engage students authentically  

Scheduled speakers:
Myeisha Phillips
Coordinator of School Improvement
Partnership for Los Angeles Schools

Nigel Nisbet
Director of Content Creation
MIND Research Institute

Who will benefit:
Administrators interested in implementing blended learning initiatives. Anyone may attend.

Date of broadcast: 
Thursday, October 17, 2013
2:00 pm EST