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A library of articles that provide useful and objective information about a particular business problem and potential solutions.

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Fuel Education

This white paper, developed by Getting Smart in partnership with Fuel Education, explores how districts and schools can successfully scale online and blended programs to extend learning opportunities for all students.

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McGraw-Hill School Education

Research has shown that participation in professional development increases self-efficacy and potentially overall mathematics scores.

Three prominent educators share what they've learned from their experiences with online and blended learning.

Three prominent educators share what they've learned from their experiences with online and blended learning.

Students need instruction on using vocabulary in context and extensive interaction with academic language.

With the adaptive learning environment, students build comprehension and fluency through highly individualized instruction.

While data analytics have been around for quite some time, what’s new is the increasing capacity for enterprises and governments to analyze and use this information— from a variety of voluminous sources of structured and unstructured data, real-time and static — to innovate and improve the outcomes of everyday life.

A range of previously unimaginable applications of DDI are already being produced—or will be in the near future. These innovations are making people’s lives better and safer and more SIIA created this white paper to explain the nature of DDI, how it empowers enterprises and governments to benefit individuals, and show how it is already enabling economic growth. The paper details how changes in information technology (IT) products and services and the increasing use of data are combining to foster transformative innovation that will greatly benefit how we learn, do business and live our lives, while greatly stimulating economic growth.

Both Houston ISD and South Carolina's Richland 1 School District raised their students' writing scores by training teachers in professional development for the instruction of writing. 

Research in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and cognitive psychology has shown in the last decades that in order to be successful in their foreign language (FL) learning, students need, through exposure to authentic, comprehensible input, rich and frequent opportunities to interact in the target language in a purposeful way.

Through a highly collaborative process of goal-setting, standards alignment, curriculum and assessment development, professional development and coaching, Evans Newton empowered Clifton teachers and school leaders to transform their schools and get results.