Addressing Bus Driver Shortages and Rising Fuel Prices

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Billy Huish, Director of Transportation, Farmington Municipal Schools

Dr. David Holbrook, Executive Director of Federal Programs and State Relationships
TransACT Communications

Franc Kajac, Account Representative TransACT Communications

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The rising cost of fuel and bus driver shortages are forcing districts nationwide to rethink their budgets and to even consider changing their school start times. In this informative webinar, Farmington Municipal Schools’ director of transportation will share how his district is responding to these challenges while field experts will examine the impact of driver shortages in the U.S. and how federal grants are available to help districts adapt.

Located in a rural area, Farmington must also overcome other transportation challenges aside from rising fuel costs and driver shortages. Attend this webinar to learn how the district also saves time when planning routes in areas that are spread out and may not have street addresses while maintenance crews perform bus inspections faster.

Major takeaways for school district leaders attending this webinar include:

  • How Farmington is adjusting to driver shortages and high fuel costs
  • Consolidating routes to save miles and reduce fuel costs
  • Various federal funds available for upgrading buses and education technology
  • Innovative approaches to bus routing, field trip planning, and facility management
  • Relaying updated information to parents without external messaging apps
  • Improving maintenance processes
  • Automating field trip preparation


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