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30 states already teaching some Common Core

But education agencies are “struggling” to find resources to train teachers and principals, report says

The Common Core State Standards are no longer coming—they are already here.

At least 30 of the 46 states that have adopted the CCSS in math and English language arts are already teaching to the standards in some grades and districts, according a new report, “Year 3 of Implementing the Common State Standards: An Overview of States’ Progress and Challenges,” by the Center on Education Policy (CEP) at The George Washington University.

These states also are beginning to train teachers and principals in the standards, says a companion report on CCSS professional development.

“State education agencies, however, are struggling to secure adequate state staffing and resources to implement the standards and to ensure all math and ELA teachers receive training in the Common Core,” CEP says in a press release accompanying the reports.

Forty of the states adopting the standards responded to the survey, which was conducted from February to May. The reports also found:

  • Nine states began implementing a Common Core math curriculum throughout K12 last school year. Another 21 began phasing in the standards by grade or district.
  • 12 states began implementing the ELA curriculum throughout K12 last year, while another 18 began phasing in the standards.
  • 22 states say more than half of their teachers have been through some CCSS professional development. 10 states say more than three-fourths of math and English teachers have received training.

“It is pretty clear that most state leaders believe the Common Core represents a significant shift toward more rigorous academic standards in math and English language arts and that students will benefit from that increased rigor,” CEP Executive Director Maria Ferguson says in the release. “It is equally clear that states are facing significant challenges in preparing and supporting teachers and school leaders as they implement the standards across grades.”