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From the Editor

Announcing EduComm


The main goal of this magazine is to help school leaders do their jobs, whether they are superintendents, curriculum leaders or IT directors. So, when we saw a chance to extend our influence past the printed page, we didn't hesitate.

District Administration will host the EduComm Conference at InfoComm 2004. From June 9 to 11 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, we'll run two-and-a-half days of sessions designed specifically for K-12 education leaders looking to integrate A/V, IT and multimedia with their curricula.

We're starting this conference for several reasons. While we know schools have computers and are wired, they are still behind the curve in using presentation devices, from digital projectors to electronic whiteboards to document cameras. As with all things electronic, waiting can have benefits. In the last several years, new features have been added, while prices have dropped. With some projectors now costing less than $1,000, these items can be practical additions to every classroom.

The time has come to take classrooms to their next level. Your students are already waiting.

I know that not all teachers embrace working with these new tools. But enough educators do understand how these devices can increase learning in their rooms, not to mention the possibilities for distance education and professional development.

And make no mistake, students are more than ready. A new report from Grunwald Associates shows that half the students ages 6 to 17 say they don't spend enough class time online. John Bailey, the director of the DOE's Office of Educational Technology, agrees. "We shouldn't be talking about technology in addition to everything else we do in education," he says. "We should be thinking about it in terms of replacing things we do in education."

Attending the EduComm conference will allow you to hear the best practices of cutting-edge school districts, get innovative ideas from K-12 visionaries, and receive the hands-on advice you need. It will also gain you access to the InfoComm exhibit floor, the largest A/V communications and presentation technologies exposition.

To register, head to This Web site will provide up-to-the-minute details about speakers, sessions and special networking receptions.