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The best kind of "Yes Man"


As a customer service rep, Trevor Livingstone's job is to fulfill any request from clients

When a client requests something from CDI, it's up to customer service representatives such as Trevor Livingstone to deliver — no questions asked.


Livingstone has been with the Toronto- based recertified computer company for almost four years. Before that, he worked in customer service in the banking and entertainment industries.

"My previous work was always kind of scripted," Livingstone said. "With CDI customer service, we're not just given a lot of leeway to get things done, we're specifically trained to go to any lengths to make the customer happy."

If a customer doesn't want to pay for return shipping, needs a replacement unit or makes any other request, Livingstone has the power to make things right.

"Whatever the customer wants, CDI will go above and beyond to get it done," he said. "Everybody understands our policy. It's not abused."

Because service reps have more ability to address customer concerns than in most companies, they tend to keep in close contact with other parts of CDI's operations. Teamwork with purchasing, shipping and sales is essential.

"We interact with every department here on a daily basis," Livingstone said.

Customer service reps work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., so school district tech coordinators have time to call in before, during and after regular school hours. Although the education market in North America is large, Livingstone said he knows the vast majority of customers by first name.

"We don't charge $9.95 an hour for support like other companies," he said. "If you buy a warranty, you can call us from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m."

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