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Noteworthy Books

Books: "Anytime, Anywhere: Student-Centered Learning for Schools and Teachers"

Recommended reading for district leaders.

Resource Management for School Administrators: Optimizing Fiscal, Facility, and Human Resources

R&L Education

Authors Daniel R. Tomal and Craig A. Schilling present goals for school management that are aligned with the new Educational Leadership Constituent Council and Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium standards on accreditation. Leaders will get national perspectives on handling future funding challenges, and managing finances, facilities and human resources.

Resource Management for School Administrators

Anytime, Anywhere: Student-Centered Learning for Schools and Teachers

Harvard Education Press

This book presents research and practices in the field of student-centered learning, and includes profiles of schools that have embraced this approach. The authors, Rebecca E. Wolfe, Adria Steinberg, and Nancy Hoffman, argue that teaching should be designed based on what is interesting to students. Their research shows that this approach helps brain function and memory. They also detail how new technology gives students powerful new ways to express what they’ve learned.

Anytime, Anywhere

The Trust Factor: Strategies for School Leaders

Eye on Education

This guide, written for current and aspiring school leaders, presents real-world examples and relevant research to help them develop skills for building trust with staff members, students and parents. Authors Julie Combs, Stacey Edmonson, and Sandra Harris have written 50 strategies to help leaders avoid behaviors that damage trust. They offer tips on navigating potentially uncomfortable situations, such as teacher evaluations, parent complaints and shrinking budgets. Each strategy is accompanied by reflection questions and self-assessment tools.

The Trust Factor: Strategies for School Leaders

School Systems That Learn: Improving Professional Practice, Overcoming Limitations, and Diffusing Innovation


Superintendents and authors Paul Ash and John D'Auria argue that most school systems have reached or nearly reached capacity, and that systemic change is necessary to attain high levels of learning for all students. This book provides a blueprint for creating a systemwide learning organization that focuses on professional development that aligns with student-centered standards.

School Systems That Learn

The Allure of Order: High Hopes, Dashed Expectations, and the Troubled Quest to Remake American Schooling

Oxford University Press

In this book, author Jal Mehta recounts public education reform over the last century, and puts forward a new agenda to best serve American schools. His approach aims to follow top-performing educational nations by attracting strong candidates into teaching, train teachers extensively in relevant and usable knowledge, and support these efforts through a strong welfare state.

The Allure of Order