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Financial and Managerial Accounting for School Administrators,, $64.95

Authors Ronald Everett, Donald Johnson and Bernard Madden provide school superintendents, business managers and principals with important accounting techniques and applications for the school environment. They demonstrate the overall binding effect that accounting has on all of the tasks and functions they perform. The book includes best practices, GASB pronouncements and Internet applications.



The NSTA Ready- Reference Guide to Safer Science,, $26.95

This guide by Kenneth Russell Roy is a compendium of 39 "Scope on Safety" columns from Science Scope, the NSTA's member journal for middle schools. Roy shows middle school science teachers how to apply current regulations and safety practices. Major sections cover safety practices and legal standards on subjects ranging from asbestos and bloodborne pathogens to field trips. Each section is divided into four parts - general science, chemistry, physical science and biology. Each section contains questions regarding safe science lab practices.



Chicken Soup for the Soul in the Classroom,, $20.97

The Chicken Soup for the Soul in the Classroom series by Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen, and Anna Unkovich includes four books that target elementary, middle, high and home schools. Stories and activities in each are designed to touch several aspects of student life, ranging from the physical and emotional to the social, spiritual, mental and artistic. Each book includes stories appropriate for the reading grade level. Also included are age-appropriate lesson plans designed to encourage reading, build reading comprehension and writing skills, improve logic and imagination, and introduce lessons on values, morals and character.



Creating the Ideal School: Where Teachers Want to Teach and Students Want to Learn,, $39.95

Albert Mamary's guide provides all the necessary tools to create an ideal school. It's based on the impressive results Mamary attained in the Johnson City, N.Y., schools. Under his leadership, an underachieving and troubled upstate New York school district was transformed into a nationally validated high-performing school system. Creating the Ideal School will appeal to teachers and administrators who are interested in making profound improvements in education.



The New Press Education Reader: Leading Educators Speak Out,, 24.95

The New Press Education Reader, edited by Ellen Reeves, offers new perspectives on the classroom and curricula. It brings together the work of progressive writers and educators such as Lisa Delpit, Herbert Kohl, William Ayers and Maxine Greene, whose voices have been instrumental in shaping the field of education. These education experts discuss challenging issues, including schools and social justice, tracking and testing, combating racism and homophobia, closing the achievement gap, and children in poverty.