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Noteworthy Books

Books Worth Checking Out

A World-Class Education: Learning From International Models of Excellence and Innovation stewart
ASCD, $26.95
Vivien Stewart, senior education advisor and former vice president at Asia Society, shares her international education expertise on preparing students for a changing, borderless and innovation-based world. She identifies what the best school systems in the world are doing right and offers ideas for adapting these methods to U.S. schools. She also provides ways to modernize curriculum, instruction and assessment.


Cyber Savvy: Embracing Digital Safety and Civility cyber
Corwin, $30.95
It’s more important than ever to be cybersavvy, and this new book by Nancy Willard will help educators teach their students media literacy, safety and “netiquette.” Willard’s expertise in risk prevention, law and education provides educators with the tools to build an effective program for teaching students online safety and citizenship.



Achieving Success for New and Aspiring Superintendents: A Practical Guide achieving
Corwin, $40.95
Veteran superintendents Mary Frances Callan and William Levinson collaborated to write this comprehensive guide for aspiring and new superintendents. Throughout the book, they illustrate the complexities of the job and offer strategies in areas such as budgeting and conducting negotiations; communicating effectively with staff, the board, unions and the media; and honing leadership and organizational skills.

Schooling in the Workplace schoolingHarvard Education Press, $29.95
Nancy Hoffman, vice president and senior advisor at Jobs for the Future, analyzes successful K12 vocational education programs in Australia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland. Hoffman argues that the best route for high school graduates, whether or not they attend college, to jobs in such countries is a program that fully integrates work and learning.



A Chance to Make History: What Works and What Doesn’t in Providing an Excellent Education for All history
Public Affairs, $14.99
In this new book, Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp and vice president Steve Farr share lessons learned from the experiences of 25,000 teachers and alumni who have helped close the achievement gap in low-income communities across the nation. Kopp also describes the ingredients for the success of Teach for America: visionary leaders who can attract and develop talented staff, build strong cultures, continuously improve, and who are willing to do whatever is necessary.