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Noteworthy Books

Books Worth Checking Out

Kids First: Five Big Ideas for Transforming Children’s Lives and America’s Future kids first
Public Affairs, $14.99
David L. Kirp, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley and founding director of the Harvard Center on Law and Education, wrote this book after serving on the 2008 presidential transition team and working with education policy. He shares a policy agenda guided by the principle that every child deserves what’s good enough for a child you love. The five big ideas are strong support for parents, high-quality early education, linking schools and communities, giving all kids access to a caring and stable adult mentor, and providing kids a savings fund to help pay for college.


brainwork Brainwork: The Neuroscience Behind How We Lead Others
Solution Tree, $19.95
Brainwork is the newest release from David Sousa, brain research expert and author of more than a dozen books on this topic. Sousa’s research describes how to be a good leader, brings a new perspective on multitasking and provides activities and exercises that will keep your brain healthy. Topics include moral and ethical leadership, leading by dissent, improving your thinking, and the curse of too much information.


Digital Teaching Platforms: Customizing Classroom Learning for Each Student DTP
Teachers College Press, $31.95
Harvard researchers Chris Dede and John Richards have selected and edited this collection of articles from top researchers in learning science and education technology on digital teaching platforms (DTPs). The book examines the topic in relation to the Common Core State Standards, Race to the Top, and current classroom requirements. It’s divided into four parts for easy reading: defining DTPs, curriculum content and pedagogy, continuous formative assessment, and a school-based implementation of Time to Know, a scalable DTP.


Intelligence Quest IQ
ISTE, $22.95
Walter McKenzie, multiple intelligences instructor and speaker, offers educators, teacher educators and curriculum specialists an introduction to the Intelligence Quest (IQuest), a new instructional model that blends project-based learning and multiple intelligences. The book offers examples of how to adapt IQuest to any content area or classroom and provides specific goals for a technology-infused classrrom.


Tyranny of the Textbook tyranny
Rowman & Littlefield, $35
In this provocative text, Beverlee Jobrack, who has 25 years of experience in education publishing, takes the education publishing industry to task for undermining standards and reform. She alleges that publishing companies rarely adopt the most effective curriculum materials, and she provides an insider’s look at how textbooks are developed, written, adopted and sold. She also explains how she thinks this system can change to support reform and enable the new Common Core State Standards to be effective.