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Books: "Youth, Education, and the Role of Society" urges expanding learning opportunities

Recommended reading for district leaders
Robert Halpern looks at how various institutions can make unique contributions to those crucial learning.
Robert Halpern looks at how various institutions can make unique contributions to those crucial learning.

Youth, Education, and the Role of Society: Rethinking Learning in the High School Years

Harvard Education Press

This book’s author, Robert Halpern, argues that education leaders need to expand, enrich, and diversify the learning opportunities available to young people today. The initial chapters explore productive learning experiences for adolescents. The rest of the book looks at how various institutions—including schools, after-school progams, businesses, and nonprofit and civic organizations—can make unique contributions to those crucial learning experiences.

Youth, Education, and the Role of Society

Managing Legal Risks in Early Childhood Programs: How to Prevent Flare-Ups from Becoming Lawsuits

Redleaf Press

To help early childhood education administrators prevent and manage problems with potential legal consequences, this book is a guide for reducing the risk of a lawsuit and preparing a strong defense should a school be sued. Authors Holly Elissa Bruno and Tom Copeland cover privacy, discrimination, employee hiring/firing, insurance, and other topics.

Managing Legal Risks in Early Childhood Programs

Closing the Opportunity Gap: What America Must Do to Give Every Child an Even Chance

Oxford University Press

Edited by Prudence L. Carter and Kevin G. Welner, this book includes research-based essays written by education experts who highlight the discrepancies that exist in public schools. The essays focus on how policy decisions and life circumstances create opportunity gaps among students, and describe policies that can enhance new opportunities for academic achievement. This book aims to spark new conversations about what schools, parents, educators, and policymakers can do to give all children a chance to thrive.

Closing the Opportunity Gap

Charter School Leadership: Elements for School Success

Rowman & Littlefield Education

This book helps administrators understand the challenges faced daily by charter school leaders. Author Cameron Curry encourages school leaders to focus on five key elements for success: establishing a school culture, defining the mission, working with parents, improving communication, and encouraging employees.

Charter School Leadership

The Infrastructure of Accountability: Data Use and the Transformation of American Education

Harvard Education Press

This book gives a better understanding of the full impact large-scale, performance-based accountability systems have on education. The editors, Dorothea Anagnostopoulos, Stacey A. Rutledge, and Rebecca Jacobsen, bring together the latest scholarly analysis of the hidden infrastructure that supports the production, flow, and use of data in education.

The Infrastructure of Accountability