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CDI stronger than ever thanks to Fiddlehead

I’m pleased to officially welcome Fiddlehead, Inc., to CDI’s corporate family.

Fiddlehead, a New York-based company of programmers who make fantastic software specifically for school tech coordinators, will allow us to help you save even more time and money. Though we’ve been known for years as the hardware people for schools looking for the highest quality refurbished computers, we’ve always kept an eye out for something else we can offer—something that would make us more of a complete solution provider.

When we discovered Fiddlehead’s suite of eight tools, it seemed like a perfect fit. Before jumping into the partnership, we spent four months assessing, enhancing and running the software, and we field-tested it with some of our existing customers. I can’t stress enough how overwhelmingly positive the response was—so positive that we kept checking with users to make sure Fiddlehead was as revolutionary as they said it was.

It turns out they weren’t kidding.

The software saves technologists vast amounts of time by giving them the ability to remote control functions that previously required manual operation. It saves money because the Fiddlehead package includes many programs that you would normally pay for separately. Finally, we’ll be able to offer you the same strong service we always have, plus some. To quote a client who’s used CDI and Fiddlehead: “Those are two companies that are loyal to their customers.”

We think you’ll agree. To learn more about our great new partner, read on.


Saar Pikar CEO,

CDI Computers