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The changing face of online learning

A Special Report

Distance learning has come a long way from sending coursework back and forth through the mail. Leading the way is K12, Inc., whose innovative online learning programs are helping school districts meet the challenges of 21st-century education with 21st-century tools.

For instance, home-schooled students at Washington Online School Utah use K12 products to attend elementary, middle and high school classes without interrupting their sports training or other responsibilities.

Tennessee’s Clarksville-Montgomery County School System uses Web-based A+ Anywhere Learning System by K12 to get transfer students up to speed and let students take classes that don’t fit in their school schedule.

Spotsylvania (Virginia) Public Schools use Aventa Learning by K12 to support and inspire alternative school students, as well as give more opportunities to students attending the district’s five large high schools.

And at Colorado’s Falcon Virtual Academy, students use K12 and Aventa products online, instead of adding to overcrowded conditions in district public schools. While the face of online education continues to change, one constant is industry leader K12.