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Command and control your campus technology

AMX SchoolView lets you get all your systems in line with one automated control solution

For many schools, data and communications systems are the equivalent of a messy closet. Administrators are forced to master different controls for bells, security cameras, audio-visual equipment, intercoms and the like—a time-consuming, unproductive task.

AMX SchoolView, a hardware and software package that uses a school's existing data network, offers an instant cleanup. School officials can control everything— public address systems, energy management, video-on-demand, digital signage, emergency alert notifications—from one location using an intuitive touch panel. Best of all, the streamlined controls are easy to install and use.

"The AMX SchoolView solution puts us at least 10 years ahead of the technology curve, providing a direct communication path to hardware devices around the school," said Joe Squires, director of technology for Franklin Independent School District in Franklin, Texas. "We truly believe this is the way of the future."

Here are some of the package's benefits:

  • Staying in sync—AMX SchoolView ensures that every clock on campus shows the correct time, eliminating any confusion over class starts and dismissal. Bells can be programmed well in advance for early dismissals, special events or other scheduling changes. And when it comes to digital signage, administrators can control the timing and text of messages to be displayed on projectors and flat-panel screens school-wide.
  • Enhanced communications—Each classroom is outfitted with a small touch panel or keypad that can interface with a two-way intercom, offering an instant link to the main office, front lobby or other classrooms. AMX SchoolView has an emergency alert function that can be triggered for natural disasters, fires or security lockdowns. The feature automatically powers on projectors and flat panels in classes to show an alert graphic with a custom text crawl that can dictate safety instructions. An "all clear" graphic is posted when the alert is cancelled.
  • More effective faculty presentations— Teachers have direct control over AV devices from their classroom touch panels. They can turn devices on and off, adjust the volume and also tap video-on-demand, live broadcasts and other remote feeds. And the experience is uniform from classroom to classroom, so faculty require little training.
  • Lower maintenance costs— AMX SchoolView performs remote system diagnostics over your data network, tracking projector use and lamp life. It permits efficient scheduling of routine maintenance and flags problems if a device isn't working. It will even give administrators notice if a device is removed, which can help deter theft.
  • Greater energy savings—Two hundred computers left in sleep or standby mode overnight can consume more than $3,000 in electricity costs during the school year. AMX SchoolView gives AV managers the ability to turn off all devices with one click at the end of the day.
  • Room for your network to grow—AMX SchoolView is scalable and can easily incorporate new technologies down the road.

"AMX SchoolView has helped Round Rock Independent School District modernize traditional classroom technologies by using a single, networked platform," said Ed Zaiontz, director of information services for Round Rock ISD in Round Rock, Texas. "By providing our teachers with an easy-to-use platform, it enabled us to upgrade the educational experience for our students. Teachers can now easily access and utilize a wider array of technology to enhance learning in the classroom."

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