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Computer Literature

An essential collection of the latest technology books


The Macintosh iLife 06 in the Classroom, $39.99

In this interactive guide, author Jim Heid shows how digital media can be an integral part of the classroom routine, enhancing the learning experience in many subject areas. The nearly three-hour instructional DVD lets you see and hear the iLife programs in action. Besides lesson plans and a teacher supplement that provide sample projects, it also offers instructions for professional shooting techniques for digital cameras and camcorders, editing video with iMovie HD, creating slide shows with iPhoto and iDVD, recording and arranging original music with GarageBand and more.


Selling Us the Fortress: The Promotion of Techno-Security Equipment for Schools, $24.95

This book explains how technologies once reserved primarily for war have become a common fixture of even schools. It explores the results and implications of metal detectors, surveillance cameras networked to the Internet and other techno-security devices. It takes readers back to the founding of national research laboratories in the U.S. and the development of spy technologies. It also analyzes the ways such equipment is sold and addresses how policies and laws have supported the public use of techno-security.

No Starch Press

Nagios: System and Network Monitoring, $44.95

This new guide to open source applications clearly explains its functions and features. Readers will learn how to install and configure the Nagios core, all standard Nagios plug-ins and selected third-party plug-ins, write their own plug-ins to customize Nagios, configure problem escalation so the appropriate people are notified when issues move beyond their control and set Nagios to send alerts via e-mail, pager, SMS or other user-defined method. It also explains how to program event handlers to take action when trouble occurs, monitor Windows servers and suppress alerts during scheduled maintenance periods.

Corwin Press

Critical Technology Issues for School Leaders, $30.95

Author Susan Brooks-Young offers practical technology strategies for issues most critical to busy school leaders. Its four sections include: New Literacies, focusing on the latest technology advances and opportunities for integration in schools; Engaging Teachers and Students, which offers tools and strategies for professional development, establishing a Web presence, classroom blogs and distance learning; Providing a Reliable Infrastructure, which addresses tech-ready facilities, cost management, software and networks and the role of technology coordinators; and Legal and Social Concerns, which discusses Internet safety and security, copyright and plagiarism concerns, home-school communications and more.

Charles River Media

Robot Modeling and Kinematics, $49.95

Readers will learn the fundamental topics of robotics. Key features include concise, mathematical coverage of the fundamentals of robot modeling and kinematics, the Denavit-Hartenberg modeling technique with computer graphics tools, and computer graphics modeling software based on VRML for direct visualization of robot structures. It also provides computational software to generate robotics equations for kinematic analysis of robot arms and assist with solving the inverse kinematics of most robot arms. A companion CD-ROM with all the computer programs used in the book is also included.