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Computer Literature

An Essential Collection of the Latest Technology Books.

Teachers College Press

Laptops and Literacy: Learning in the Wireless Classroom, $27.95

This book analyzes the types of learning that take place in one-to-one wireless classrooms, where all students use laptop computers. While focusing on students' literacy practices, it covers reading and writing, information use, multimedia development and also examines how laptops help meet the literacy challenges of the 21st century. It also provides research about schools that have implemented one-to-one computing, offering details from those that are successfully using technology to enhance learning.


Design for Community, $24

Why are online communities part of all successful Web sites? What are measures of their success? These are some of the questions discussed in this book, which is broken into four sections. "Philosophy" addresses why Web sites need communities and the measures of their success. "Architecture" explains how to set up a site to create positive experiences and to coax people to share their experiences online. "Design" discusses how to create the look of a community area. "Maintenance" contains stories of failed Web communities and what they could have done to stay on track, as well as general tips and tricks for keeping a community garden growing. Available for download as an eBook.

Harvard Education Press

Online Professional Development for Teachers: Emerging Models and Methods, $29.95

Offered here are clear and practical answers to questions about the effectiveness of online professional development programs. The authors look closely at exemplary online professional development programs, compare them carefully with one another, and draw conclusions. This book is for those who develop online programs, and teachers and administrators seeking professional development programs that make a difference.

Course Technology PTR/Charles River Media

Quick Snap Guide to Digital Photography;, $29.99

Offering a concise introduction that covers key features of all digital cameras, this book targets owners of basic through advanced digital cameras. It explains their function and purpose and details why and how each type of cameras should be used. Each topic is covered in two- or four-page spreads with illustrations that make it easy to see how to apply the techniques described.

Corwin Press

Digital Portfolios: Powerful Tools for Promoting Professional Growth and Reflection, $24.95

In this revised edition, the authors demonstrate how school teachers, principals and professors can develop high-quality portfolios that reflect personal vision, record professional growth and celebrate accomplishments. It presents a comprehensive framework for portfolio development, from determining the audience and selecting material from a personal archive, to defining, producing and sharing a digital portfolio. New tips and strategies for using digital technology are included, as well as guidelines for evaluating portfolios.

No Starch Press

PGP & GPG: Email for the Practical Paranoid, $24.95

Communicating securely with PGP is covered in this informal tutorial. It explains how PGP works and how to integrate it with the most common e-mail clients. Highlights include a concentration on real-world usage instead of mathematical theory, instructions for installing and using PGP and GPG with Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla's Thunderbird, help with tricky command-line versions of these programs, what to do at a key-signing party, and how to generate, manage and add photos to your keys.