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Computer Literature

Resources for District Leaders


Teachers as Technology Leaders: A Guide to ISTE Technology Facilitation and Technology Leadership Accreditation $29.95

ISTE and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education have developed a set of performance assessment standards for initial and advanced endorsements in the areas of technology facilitation and technology leadership. Programs seeking to offer these endorsements must seek accreditation by both organizations. This book walks educators through that process and contains practical advice on process planning, document preparation, candidate and program assessment, and final review. Other features include sample report documents, data tables and scoring rubrics.


The Standards-Based Digital School Leader Portfolio: A Handbook for Preparation and Practice $34.95

The book and companion CD help educators develop a standards-based digital portfolio. They include a wide array of activities, worksheets and rubrics, along with a free, five-month subscription to TaskStream, a support service for electronic portfolios. Other features include a brief history of the development and use of the standards based digital portfolio, a suggested outline and design of the digital portfolio in both PowerPoint and TaskStream, and an overview of various digital format options and criteria.


The Big6 in Middle School: Teaching Information and Communications Technology Skills $39.95

This resource guide will help middle school administrators, teachers, and library media and technology specialists implement the Big6 approach to information, communication and technology skills learning.Based on the model developed by Michael Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz, educators will learn new strategies on how to collaborate with peers to teach information and technology skills to middle school students. This guide shares specific techniques to embed the Big6 into existing instructional programs. Included are instructional ideas in context, which can be used to modify and meet instructional needs.


Digital Portfolios: Powerful Tools for Promoting Professional Growth and Reflection $27.95

Educators and students are provided with an overview of the framework and tools needed to develop a digital portfolio that records lifelong learning, professional growth and achievements. Even those with limited computer skills and equipment can learn how to use multimedia technology to construct a portfolio that can be continually and easily updated. The authors offer ten easy-to follow steps, Including guidelines for evaluating portfolios and tips on how to select material from a personal archive. Readers will learn how to develop high-quality portfolios that reflect their personal vision.


Ask Mr. Technology, Get Answers $44.95

With this book, educators can learn how to troubleshoot their own technology issues in the library media center. It is acompilation of the best tips and tricks from Joe Huber, author of the "Ask Mr. Technology" column in Library Media Connection magazine, and it addresses common software questions and how to make the most of e-mail and the Web. Also covered are network security, hardware issues, school networks, peripherals and handhelds. The book is co-authored by Christine Weiser.


Digital-Age Literacy for Teachers: Applying Technology Standards to Everyday Practice $39.95

This book features a comprehensive discussion of each of the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Teacher performance indicators. Susan J. Brooks- Young, provides readings and activities that will support classroom teachers, professional development providers, and teacher preparation instructors. The book has easy-to-follow charts and tables with detailed task assignments. There are profiles of exemplary technology tools and resources for ongoing professional development. It demonstrates how to use appropriate digital-age tools to increase productivity and advance student learning. Teachers can reexamine their curriculum and classroom management to develop more effective strategies for incorporating technology into their teaching.