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Credit Recovery Solutions

Many of the companies listed below provide online credit recovery solutions that are similar in concept but offer a wide range of options depending on districts' needs and wants. Prices vary accordingly.

American Education Corporation

Built-in course assessments and automated lesson generation based on student assessment results.

Apex Learning

Instruction incorporates multimedia and text to address different learning styles.

Aventa Learning

English language learner support features nonlinguistic representations.


One-on-one online instruction for students in grades 6-12.

International Association for K-12 Online Learning

Supports access to high-quality online learning for all students.


Individualized learning programs allow students to work at their own time and pace.


eLeaP LMS allows management of all online training needs in one secure Web platform.

National Repository of Online Courses

Course content delivered free to students and teachers at public Web sites.


NovaNET offers more than 6,000 hours of comprehensive curriculum for grades 6-12.

PLATO Learning

Learning is self-paced, coupled with offline activities and Internet resources.