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Curriculum Hotspots on the Web

Make the Internet work for you. Share our list of the best education Web sites throughout your distr

It's probably not surprising that a recent Pew report found that eight of 10 students from 10 to 17 use the Internet to help with their schoolwork. What is surprising is that these same students say their teachers do not use online resources in class, or create assignments that exploit the potential of the Web.

The students therefore argue that the nation's multi-billion dollar effort to wire schools and provide high-speed online access is clearly being wasted.

For these reasons, DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION presents the annual Curriculum Hot Spots on the Web. This guide-which is available online at -includes the latest search tools, lesson plan collections, research sites, sources for online projects, curriculum centers in every content area, media resources and related professional materials.

Get your online year off right by sharing the 2004 version with your staff, students and parents, and putting these links on your district Web site.