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Demands to be Met for New Writing

Common Core State Standards call for more writing rules.

Whatever approach is used, writing that upholds the standards of Common Core is demanding, acknowledges Gretchen Schultz, principal assessment editor for ELA at CTB/McGraw-Hill and a content specialist in developing ELA assessments.

In the YouTube video, “Keeping Up With the Common Core: the Latest from the Field,” Schultz spells out how teachers must shift their focus to meet the requirements of the Common Core.

While asking the overarching question: “How do you know?” teachers must, in part: direct students back to texts for evidence to support conclusions; allow students to write about what they read; and have students write for all purposes, especially argumentative writing.

Schultz shares her advice to teachers, no matter what grade they are teaching: “Target your instruction on the expectations delineated in the Common Core standards.” This works because assessment items and tasks are written to have students demonstrate their proficiency with those standards, she says. Teach to those standards and students will be ready for the assessments.