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Instead of spending hours writing up student report cards, a FileMaker Pro computer document is making life a lot easier for teachers in the Greenwich (Conn.) School District school. Bill Ronk, fourth-grade teacher and technology fan at Riverside Elementary School, created a FileMaker Pro document a few years ago so the K-5 teachers in his school could throw out the three-page "carbon-copy report card" and use an easier computer version.

"You could move through students two times or three times as fast," Ronk says. And when there is a team of teachers who work together for groups of students, they could all look together on a computer monitor, call up the student's report card and grade each student together, he says.

"Certainly the idea of having groups of teachers collectively talk about a student is always a good thing," Ronk says. "And also having a central location ... it makes it more accessible."

Ronk says he used a FileMaker manual, but a book is necessary if teachers and administrators are starting "from scratch." He followed the school's distinct format with the same formula and created the document with the idea that some teachers are not familiar with computers and need to be led step-by-step on the computer. The report cards include E for excellent, VG for very good, and S for satisfactory.

Some of the books to help administrators create such documents include FileMaker Pro books and others. While FileMaker 7 software is available, FileMaker 6 books are the latest books published to help readers use the software. These several books give readers an idea of how books can help the process along.

FileMaker Pro 6 Bible

Wiley Publishing, Inc.


Any newcomer to database management tools will find step-by-step instructions to create and use databases quickly and easily in this conceptually organized guidebook. And if you are a veteran of previous FileMaker Pro incarnations, the advanced topics in this book will improve the reader's knowledge on Web publishing, advanced connectivity, plug-ins and more. Wiley also publishes Better Software Project Management and Agile Database Techniques.

FileMaker Pro 6 for Windows & MacIntosh

Peachpit Press


The visual QuickStart Guide uses pictures to guide the reader through software and covers new XML (Extensible Markup Language) and Digital Image features. The 366-page book works like a reference book so the reader can look up what is needed and then can do the work. It also offers concise commentary to explain what is needed and it offers a companion Web site offering tips and related links. By fully supporting XML, FileMaker 6 makes it easier to integrate FileMaker with other databases, either on a corporate mainframe or a distant Web server.

The Book of Filemaker 6

No Starch Press


This book's dual purpose is to be a complete reference and a hands-on how-to that goes beyond the manual to create dynamic database systems. The thorough introduction to FileMaker Pro development then seeps into advanced, meatier topics. The book teaches the reader how to: use the "top 10" third-party plug-ins; share databases with others quickly using FileMaker Server; building a hack-proof security system complete with audit trails and security plug-ins; and take data on the road with FileMaker Mobile. It also teaches how to integrate FileMaker Pro with other applications using XML, ODBC and SQL.

Developing Web Information Systems



This is the first book to bring together IS development and Web applications in a thorough and systematic process. It gathers traditional system development methods that have been taught for years on information systems and computer science courses with Web/e-commerce development. It also uses practical experiences of Web-based IS development from commercial system development, appealing to students and academics. CIRCLE #513 FOR INFORMATION