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Districts Save Time and Money, Help Students Achieve Through Centralized Management of Resources

With instructional mandates growing and budgets stagnating, it’s no wonder that districts are searching for ways to do more with limited resources. Centralizing the management of resources—library materials and media, textbooks, fixed and portable assets—is the proven key to helping districts free up time and money for instruction.

A centralized Educational Resource Management (ERM) solution reduces administrative costs and redirects those savings toward instruction. It sharpens the focus on what’s most important to today’s districts: enhancing opportunities for student achievement, increasing collaboration for more effective learning, maximizing return on investments and enabling accountability.

The right Educational Resource Management solution can provide far-reaching benefi ts that support these critical initiatives for your district:

Enhancing Student Achievement: Tracking all types of resources in a single unified solution, an ERM system lets districts make sure they get the most use out of their investment, and ensures students have equitable access to textbooks and other materials in the classroom. The budget dollars saved by reducing asset loss and damage can be turned to enhancing instruction. In addition, the staff time liberated by cutting maintenance and data entry chores is time that can be spent teaching children. What’s more, an ERM solution puts relevant, educator-reviewed resources at student’s fingertips, making their search for learning materials much more productive.

Increasing Collaboration: A centrallyinstalled ERM makes district-wide information available through any computer equipped with a browser, and greatly enhances collaboration at all levels of education. This makes it easier for teachers to use the library and connects them with the most appropriate resources for classroom instruction while streamlining the lesson-planning process. ERM also enables schools to share resources, and for parents to be active participants in their children’s education by helping them locate resources from home. All of this forms a seamless framework in which teachers and administrators can share information quickly and make better, data-driven decisions.

Maximizing Investments and Accountability: An Educational Resource Management solution lets districts see the location of every asset in real time, so administrators know who has what, when and where. This makes it possible to hold students, parents, teachers and other staff responsible for the resources they have, reducing loss and damage, and increasing fines recovered. Robust reporting capabilities help districts meet local and state mandates for asset reporting, and let districts make smarter, more efficient use of resources.

There are also other factors to consider when selecting a vendor to manage your resources: what you see versus what you get. It’s what you don’t see—vendor trustworthiness, proven technology, reliable customer service—that can be as critical as the product itself. Look for a vendor with a proven track record focusing exclusively on K-12, with state-of-the-art technology and an award-winning customer service force.

As the market leader in education for more than 20 years, Follett Software Company offers the Destiny Resource Management Solution?, representing the industry’s best-in-class educational Resource Management system. Those who have adopted the Destiny Resource Management Solution—more than 8,000 schools and 600 districts—have already seen some dramatic benefits in centrally managing their library materials, textbooks, instructional media, and fixed and portable assets. Simply put, “Destiny streamlines our administration functions,” according to Bob Gehle, program administrator for media services at Manatee County School District, Florida, “saving us time and money.”

Learn how Destiny Resource Management Solution can reduce losses at your school or district by contacting Follett Software today at 800-323-3397 or by visiting our web site at