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Document Cameras Convert Anything Into Digital Content

Instantly transform any image or object into digital, interactive content with document cameras, also known as visual presenters. Companies that create these products have come a long way in the last few years, as document cameras are now more compact, mobile and interactive.

With a document camera in the classroom, there is no need for an overhead projector. Perfect for demonstrating how to do an assignment, teachers can freeze an image, such as a page of a textbook, and walk around to ask students questions and oversee their work. They can also annotate the live image with the newer interactive feature available on Elmo USA's TT-12. Document cameras can record lessons and then play that lesson to help students who were absent and to enable other students get a deeper understanding of the concept. Captured images can also be included in PowerPoint presentations or in a study guide for an exam. The 3D component, for example, allows educators to make their dissection of a frog visible to the entire class, to show students different types and surfaces of rocks, or to use the microscope function, built-in to the camera or available as an adapter, to bring science labs to life. Document cameras vary in size, mobility, price and capability. Here are some options to consider for your district.


Point2View, $69.95
This budget-conscious device features a 2-megapixel lens, 3x digital zoom, a macro mode to capture microscopic details, and a multijointed stand enabling the camera to be situated at any height or angle to best capture the subject. Custom software makes it easy to enhance and organize images, which can be captured with a single click. Connect to a Mac or PC with a USB cable.


Samsung sam
SAM CAM 860, $799
This document camera can be used with just about any whiteboard and can connect directly to applications like GradeCam and Moviemaker. A Microscope Adapter is included to capture close-up details. The SAM CAM 860 is SD memory card ready and provides high-resolution video display with 30 frames per second, 1.4 megapixels and 8x digital zoom.


SMART Technologies smart
Document Camera, contact SMART for pricing
With its compact fold-flat design, this document camera is easy to transport. It’s equipped with 8x digital zoom and mixed reality tools, including 3D tools for SMART Notebook software, sample 3D content, and the mixed reality cube that allows users to manipulate images on an interactive whiteboard. The latest version of SMART Notebook collaborative learning software is included. Connect to an interactive whiteboard with a USB cable.


Lumens lumens
PS760, contact Lumens for pricing
This high-definition document camera features a high-end SONY image sensor, 5x digital zoom, built-in Ethernet, and microphone and speaker functions. Educators can adjust the dual-side gooseneck lamps to prevent reflection. Review material quickly in the classroom with one-touch video/audio recording and playback. Switch between two computers and DVD easily with the PS760’s multimedia interface.


Epson epson
DC-11, $399
The easy-to-use DC-11 boasts a 5-megapixel sensor and 10x digital zoom to display clear and detailed images. A built-in microphone and software make it easy for educators to record classroom lessons and student presentations. Epson’s document camera is equipped with 1GB of internal memory and a microscopic adapter, and it connects to other devices via a USB port, SD card slot, and VGA and composite adapters. This device is available through Epson’s Brighter Futures program, which offers special pricing and extended warranties.


TT-12, $885
This new interactive document camera works seamlessly with the ELMO CRA-1 tablet to allow teachers to mark up live images taken by the TT-12 while walking around the classroom. This device features 8x digital zoom, a high-definition camera with multidirectional camera positions, and a video recording function. The TT-12 is bundled with the CRA-1 tablet for $1,239.


DYMO/Mimio mimio
MimioView, $599
Integrated with MimioStudio software and the MimioTeach interactive whiteboard, the MimioView features include two adjustable light sources, single button autofocus, 5.5x mechanical zoom, video annotation and freeze function. Connect to a PC or Mac with a USB cable.



Cam335B, $625
A high-performance lens produces high-quality images of 3D objects with Dukane’s Cam335B. The lens and lamp can rotate 360 degrees to capture images at any angle. This camera is equipped with auto focus, 6x digital zoom, a remote control, image capture and built-in storage. Connectors include VGA, USB and C-video cables.


Wolfvision wolfvision
VZ-3, contact WolfVision for pricing
This high-end portable document camera from WolfVision features a high-definition camera, 2x digital zoom controlled by a user-friendly zoom wheel and auto focus. The VZ-3 comes with a dry-erase surface for educators to work on during presentations. Connectors include DVI, LAN and USB. WolfVision machines are equipped with two anti-theft devices.


Other document cameras are available from: AVerMedia, BenQ, Califone, Ken-A-Vision, Qomo and Toshiba.