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A new survey from PBS and Grunwald Associates found that 97 percent of teachers said they used digital media in the classroom in 2010, and 78 percent used DVDs. However, 76 percent said they now downloaded or streamed content online, up from just 55 percent in 2007.



Digital Sketch

Pricing varies based on number purchased

Hewlett-Packard is releasing many new education products, including this wireless slate built for the classroom. The Digital Sketch enables teachers to control a PC wirelessly from anywhere in the room using a stylus pen. A suite of HP software for education is included, and a toolbar on the tablet includes shortcuts to frequently used commands.





Handheld-device maker Brainchild has just released the Kineo, a durable tablet PC designed for K12 using Google's Android operating system. The unit has a 7-inch touchscreen, a dual-core processor, battery life of 10 to 12 hours, 2GB of internal memory and security features that prevent texting or instant messaging and allow students to access only sites selected and approved by their teachers.



ActivBoard 500

Pricing varies

Promethean's latest interactive whiteboard can detect stylus pen and finger touch simultaneously. This allows teachers or students to use intuitive, iPad-like motions to control applications and manipulate objects, or use a pen for more precise control or handwriting applications. The board also includes Promethean's NoteBoard and TouchPad mindmapping and lesson-planning applications, designed specifically for interactive whiteboard use.




$999 per standard classroom

The latest version of Netop's classroom management software includes many new features. A new interface based on Microsoft's "Ribbon" layout for Office has a modern, updated look and groups the most frequently used features together. The program enables teachers to monitor student use of the Internet and applications, or to lock screens and keyboards to command attention. An optional remote control, TeachPad, connects to the teacher's PC via USB and provides streamlined one-button access to the most commonly used functions.



Review360 GenEd

Pricing varies

Psychological Software Solutions' Review360 GenEd is a more comprehensive version of the behavior management product originally designed for special education students. Review360 GenEd is a Web-based program that enables administrators to aggregate, manage and track student behavior data. The program suggests individual student behavior plans, tracks behavioral trends, and provides professional development modules to help teachers develop effective classroom management practices.

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