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Education In Hand: The 2006 Solutions Product Guide

On the following pages are new products and services from some of palmOne's partners.

FilePoint Classroom

Bachmann Software

Filepoint Classroom Edition lets students and teachers exchange files wirelessly in a classroom environment. With FilePoint Classroom, you can:

Create assignments, quizzes and other materials on your PC.</li>

Distribute assignments to your class or individual students handhelds wirelessly.</li>

Automatically collect completed assignments from your students handhelds.</li>

Review completed assignments on your teacher workstation.</li>

Call 973 729-9427, or e-mail us at

Innovative Accessories

BoxWave Corporation

Visit to see the latest accessories for your Palm, Pocket PC,iPod and other electronic devices.

Charge Stations

TriBeam Technologies, Inc.

From desktop, to fully mobile locking models, these multi-unit chargers will keep your Palm handhelds charged and organized. Get the IR50 Broadcast Station to broadcast documents and Palm files to an entire classroom at the same time. It includes eXFiles to easily exchange and manage student Palm files. Students can also print from their handhelds.


Teacher-directed Electronic Learning

Education Technology Labs

Teachers transmit assignments, tests, and teaching materials to a student's Palm. Students review the materials or view videos, complete the assignment or test, transmitting their work back to the teacher, wirelessly. Short answer and multiple choice items are returned scored;essay questions and term papers return as electronic documents for the teacher to read, score and add to the student's real time status. Ed Tech Labs allows teachers to share curriculum. Support is offered through Timpanogos Technologies.

Information: contact 866-804-4636 or

MathAmigo Your Helping Hand

Valiant USA

MathAmigo -Your Helping Hand It is a BIG K-8 Math system for handhelds & PC computers bringing the benefits of technology into every math lesson. MathAmigo has thousands of activities from counting to pre-algebra, helping you encourage the less able and challenge the best. The powerful PC based MathAmigo Manager helps plan lessons, track progress and instantly tailor activities to the needs of each student. And, it does this at a price drastically less than other comprehensive math products. Get more for your money! Call for a free 60 day trial. 888-366-6628

Shape Up: Geometry

Leading Step, Inc.

Trapezoids, rhombuses, equilateral triangles! Learning geometry is fun as students identify various shapes and shape properties such as parallel lines, acute angles, and similar or congruent shapes. They get immediate feedback and can review definitions at any time. Student creativity is stretched as they have fun constructing their own geometric designs and master visualizing slides, flips, and rotations by applying these movements to solve geometric


Size It Up

Leading Step, Inc.

Size It Up is a fun, three-game package that helps students learn to work with various types of numbers including whole numbers, decimals, fractions, mixed numbers, and negative numbers. Also included are unique ways for students to practice their basic math tables - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division - and solve algebraic type equations. Size It Up is the most recent in our line of applications that also include MathChamp!, SpellChamp!, and Shape Up: Geometry.

Pennovate Notes


Cultivate creativity with the freedom of "pen and paper" while harnessing the power and convenience of digital! Pennovate software and proven user interface provide a cost effective way for every student to have the tablet PC experience that fits nicely in the palm of their hand. Take, organize, and file lengthy notes on a Palm handheld just as you would on a tablet PC. Share notes using IR beaming, Bluetooth, or even Email. Let the PDA do more for your students! learn more about simple, practical, "easy to use" solutions to help increase your students' productivity!

Keyboard Adapter & PrintEZ

TriBeam Technologies, Inc

TriBeam's powerful keyboard adapter attaches to a standard PS/2 full-size computer keyboard to provide full-size productivity for handhelds in the classroom. It comes with flexible keyboard software to map function keys to Palm applications. With its auto-detect quick turn-on operation and since it draws power from the handheld, it's always ready to use. It's compatible with current Palm models. Then use PrintEZ to easily print documents, charts, spreadsheets, graphs, pictures, web pages and more. It works with any printer, has a small program size and doesn't require print drivers on the handheld. 847-483-9901


Bachmann Software

PrintBoy allows you to print directly from your Palm OS handheld or Windows Mobile Treo smartphone to virtually any type of printer, wirelessly! With PrintBoy, you can print your documents, PDF, spreadsheets, email, databases, memos, calendars and more from popular applications like Word, Documents To Go, Outlook, QuickOffice, 4.0 Student, MobileDB, Wordsmith and FreeWrite. PrintBoy supports just about any printer connection your printer may have, including Infrared, Bluetooth, or even Wi-Fi network printing!

Call 973 729-9427, or e-mail us at


Discovery Software Ltd.

Principalm provides secure access to the data that administrators need from their student information system on a Palm or Windows Mobile handheld. Schools and districts recognize that Principalm is an important part of their emergency plan, and a critical tool in day-to-day operations. Get instant access to student demographics, photos, emergency contacts, schedules, grades, attendance, and alerts. Data protected with 128-bit encryption, supports barcode and RFID scanning, connects to most student information systems. Call 1-888-569-7711 for a free trial license. Visit us at NECC - Booth #3621