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Eight Questions for Superintendents

Sponsor: Spectrum K12 School Solutions

1. Do you have the data to meet all federal and state special education compliance requirements, and is your data audit-defensible?

2. Can you get an accurate count of special education students at all times?

3. Can your principals and special education coordinators instantly pull up all the information about a student when a parent calls?

4. Are your teachers complaining that special education paperwork is cutting into the time they can spend working with students?

5. Are your IEP meetings more confrontational than collaborative?

6. Do your policies and procedures for IEPs protect your district against the latest trends in special education compliance litigation?

7. Are the goals, objectives and benchmarks that evolve from your IEP meeting fully aligned with your state's curriculum standards?

8. Is your district recovering all the money it's entitled to from Medicaid?