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Eight Questions for Superintendents

Sponsor: Spectrum K12 School Solutions

1. Do you have data to show that's your district's core curriculum is effective with at least 80% of your students?

2. Do you know what the Response to Intervention process is and how it should integrate with Early Intervening Services?

3. Are your teachers using data, including effective progress monitoring practices, to inform their instruction?

4. What research-based interventions are being used with struggling/at risk learners in your district?

5. Are you ensuring that your RTI initiative is a collaborative effort with curriculum directors in strategic leadership positions?

6. Do you have a plan for continued professional development to ensure success of your district's implementation for RTI?

7. Are you aware of the research demonstrates that the potential benefits if RTI implementation in student behavior as well as academic performance?

8. Do you have data to show whether RTI is impacting student progress and the number of referrals to special education?